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How Well Do You Know Baobab?

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How Well Do You Know Baobab?


As a superfood, Baobab is less known for its powerful health benefits than other popular ingredients like Ashwagandha or Turmeric. Its value is impressive however, when you consider the sheer amount of vitamin C and other helpful nutrients that it contains.

Among the potential health benefits of this superfood, Baobab can help improve digestive health, maintain optimal blood sugar levels and regulate energy release.   


Growing in popularity


The Baobab tree, or the ‘upside down tree’, is an iconic image associated with central Africa. But it is also the source of a highly nutritious fruit that is packed full of helpful substances that promote health and combat illnesses.

This superfood has long been used by African cultures that rely on it as a local and cheap source of vitamin C and a way to consume well needed nutrients. As the body doesn’t naturally produce Vitamin C, the benefits of this fruit are essential in strengthening the immune system.

Today, Baobab is popular far outside of its native borders and is commonly used in Western mainstream healthy eating culture. As more people learn about the benefits of this fruit, its prominence as an amazing superfood will only continue to grow.

Immunity booster


The superfood Baobab contains incredibly high levels of Vitamin C. While other sources such as citrus fruits are a popular source of this necessary nutrient, there are more options out there than you probably realise. Namely, Baobab contains up to 10 times more Vitamin C compared to most citrus fruits such as oranges.

We probably don’t need to remind you of this, but Vitamin C is important for improving energy release, fighting harmful bacteria and reducing tiredness.

Better digestion


We all require a healthy amount of fibre for a smooth running digestive system. The Baobab fruit contains extremely high levels of fibre kind that can help the growth of healthy bacteria in the colon. When taken in conjunction with a balanced diet, Baobab can seriously improve the digestive health of those who take it.

People often lack fibre in their diets because they don’t know where to get it. But without it, the large intestine can struggle to break down food and deliver the right nutrients to your body in order to aid its natural processes.

Fibre can be included in your diet through various fruits, nuts, vegetables and grains. However, Baobab offers a convenient way to improve your fibre intake, due to the extremely high volumes of fibre contained within. Simply adding a spoonful of Baobab powder to your cereals each morning can do you a world of good.

Blood Sugar


Baobab can moderate the amount of sugar that is released into the bloodstream. The benefit of this is that when you consume high sugar products or foods that spike your sugar levels, your digestive system will be better prepared to handle its intake.

A study by the Functional Food Centre of Oxford Brookes University discovered that the Baobab fruit impacts the way blood sugar levels fluctuate in the human body. The results were that participants who consumed Baobab in milk form had a lower blood glucose response than those who took placebo.

Finding baobab


You don’t have to travel to Africa to find Baobab. You can easily find online sources for this amazing superfood that will allow you to integrate it into your lifestyle in an easy and beneficial way.

As a powdery substance with high Vitamin C and fibre concentration, you can mix it into various smoothies or food recipes for a natural way to keep you fighting fit!



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