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The Astonishing Amount of Vitamin C Found in Superfood Baobab

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When it comes to Vitamin C, oranges steal the spotlight. But did you know there’s a superfood that offers up to 10 times more of this important vitamin than citrus fruit? 

Say hello to Baobab, the superfood that contains an astonishing amount of Vitamin C.

What is Baobab?

You could be forgiven for never having heard of Baobab. This superfood has only recently made its way to the western world from Africa, where it’s been enjoyed for thousands of years.

In its fresh form, Baobab is powdery with a sweet and tangy taste. Encased in huge greenish pods, the fruit is often eaten in those parts of Madagascar, Africa and Australia where the Baobab tree can be found.

The huge trees are pretty special. With massive trunks and tall, root-like branches, the Baobab tree can grow up to 50 feet tall. This makes it an important source of food, water and even shelter for local people.

Baobab and Vitamin C

Thanks to its high levels of Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid as it’s otherwise known as, Baobab has a range of useful health benefits. Here’s just a few of them:

Helps treat colds and flu

You may already know that it’s a good idea to increase your Vitamin C intake when you feel a cold coming on. But do you know why? Vitamin C works to treat colds by facilitating the absorption of iron, and strengthening the body’s resistance to infection.

So if you feel a cold coming on, reaching for the Baobab might just be the best way to stop that sniffle in its tracks. Combine that with the amazing flu-busting potential of Ginger, and you might just have the perfect superfood combination this winter.

Boosts recovery after exercise

After strenuous exercise, it’s really important to help promote recovery with good pre- and post-workout nutrition. That’s where the Vitamin C found in Baobab can help. Multiple studies suggest that Vitamin C supplementation before exercise can reduce muscle soreness as well as oxidative stress, helping to prevent any long-term damage.

Improves mood

If you’re in need of a mood-booster from time to time, it might be a good idea to add Baobab to your diet. Research suggests that Vitamin C can help to restore emotional balance, with the mood of those patients taking Vitamin C having improved markedly in the results of one particular study.

Vitamin C helps boost immunity, recovery, and even mood, so it makes sense to incorporate more of it into your everyday life. Luckily Baobab offers an easy way to do just that. Available as an organic supplement, this superfood really can help you tap into some of the incredible health benefits offered by Vitamin C.


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