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Supergizer - The Ideal Energy Bar For You

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Energy plays a major role in our daily lives. Especially those with a packed schedule, athletes or active individuals, require greater energy levels in order to perform at their best – and the way we energise ourselves is with food.

If you’re striving for a healthier lifestyle, we’d like to introduce to you the ideal energy bar, SUPERGIZER, which will give you the right amount of fuel to conquer your day as well as help you maintain a well-balanced diet!

Read on to find out more about this fantastic energy bar and what benefits it has to offer.

What is Supergizer?



Supergizer is The Perfect Energy Bar if you’re looking for Organic & Vegan Healthy Energy to get you all fuelled up, whether it is for your work-out session, or for a meeting. Here at Superfood World, we are committed to helping you improve your quality of life, by helping you put a healthy diet in place, with the best organic superfoods.

The Energy Bar is High in Vegan Protein (10% w/w), dairy-free and only contains naturally occurring sugars and fats, making it the ideal snack. What makes Supergizer so special is that it contains Maca Powder, Cacao Powder and cacao butter for fantastic nutritionals, pumpkin and sunflower seeds and almonds for a natural boost in energy, and organically grown dates, to deliver that indulgently sweet flavour.

The combination of these superfoods can work wonders for your body, offering rich sources of nutrients that can boost your endurance level and support other aspects of your health with all natural ingredients and no added sugar.

Like all our our other Superfood World Products, we donate 25% of profits from Supergizer to help support charitable projects both her in the UK and overseas.

Energy Booster 


Maca powder, as well as cacao powder and cocoa butter, are fantastic superfoods to boost your and energy levels and mood.

Cacao is the less processed and healthier version of a firm favourite for many: chocolate. It does so, still promising that sweet taste almost all of us adore, with all the benefits of the powder on top. The superfood contains serotonin and dopamine, which can help increase your energy levels and encourage better moods, making it the perfect supplement to fuel up on.

Maca powder is every athlete’s favourite, providing you with extra vigour and increased energy and endurance levels for gym enthusiasts and active individuals.



Put an end to those traditional energy and protein bars, which are packed with unnecessary calories and artificial sweeteners, and stock up on some Supergizers instead. This energy bar contains ingredients that can positively contribute to weight-loss.

Due to their high levels of protein and fibre, almonds have to ability to help you shed those unwanted pounds, by making you feel full for longer, which can decrease your calorie intake throughout the day. Moreover, they are low in calories themselves, as well as low in carbohydrates, helping boost your metabolism – all perfect additions to a weight-loss diet.

Cacao butter is also great for losing weight, as it consists of healthy vegan fat and offers more low-calorie content. Its creamy texture can also be very filling, allowing you to maintain a well-balanced appetite.

Glowing Skin


Maca powder and cacao butter are packed with fantastic vitamins and minerals that can also help protect your skin.

Cacao butter is a great source of polyphenols that can help improve skin elasticity and increase collagen production, helping your skin retain its youth and natural glow.

Maca powder contains high levels of Vitamin B, as well as other minerals and fatty acids that can greatly improve your complexion and enhance your skin’s overall health.

Grab a Supergizer



This is the perfect energy bar, as it includes so many essential nutrients, as part of a well-balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Grab a Supergizer on your way out in the morning to kick-start your day the right way, or after an intensive training session, for a quick post-workout energy boost.

You’ll be ready to handle anything that comes your way throughout the day!

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