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Discover Your Super Healthy Gut With Brilliant Baobab

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Taking care of your health involves showing your gut some love. Hippocrates once said: ‘all disease begins in the gut,’ and in many ways, modern medicine has proved him to be right.

And luckily, natural supplements like Baobab help keep our digestive system in check – making it easier to protect our gut. Here’s how this ancient superfood works to boost digestive health.

Baobab and gut health

Collectively, we’re all becoming more aware of our gut’s importance and the impact that its delicate balance can have on our overall wellbeing. Certain foods like kimchi and probiotic yoghurt are uniquely skilled at boosting healthy gut bacteria.

This includes superfoods that can help increase the biodiversity of our gut, like Boabab, which is packed full of nutrients, Vitamin C and soluble fibre. Baobab fruit was an important food for hunter gatherer tribes across Africa for millennia, and still remains a staple in the ancient diets of the last remaining tribes on the continent - such as the Hazda tribe in Tanzania.

Baobab is unique in many ways, and is the world’s only fruit to dehydrate while it still hangs on the tree. Cracking open its hard shell reveals dried fruit pulp, which can be eaten straight away, or crushed into a tasty citrus flavoured powder that can be added to other foods. And most importantly – it’s fantastic for your gut.

How superfood Baobab can help keep your gut healthy

Baobab powder is rich in Vitamin C; it contains six times more than an orange, and has more antioxidants than any other fruit.

Baobab fruit pulp contains almost 50 per cent fibre, of which an impressive two thirds is soluble. Soluble fibre is pre biotic, which means it contains specialised plant fibres that stimulate the growth and activity of beneficial probiotic bacteria in the colon.

Plant fibres achieve this by feeding the good bacteria already in the large intestine or colon, such as Bifidobacteri, Lattobacilli and Clostridi. In other words, the soluble fibre acts as a fertiliser, stimulating the growth of good bacteria.

Increasing the ratio of good to bad bacteria is an important part of maintaining gut health, with studies showing that it can have a direct impact on your overall wellbeing. While prebiotic fibre is found in a variety of different fruits and vegetables, Baobab’s composition of it is far denser than with alternative sources, which often contain only minute amounts.

The good news is that you don’t need to fly to Tanzania to enjoy the benefits of Baobab. Available as a supplement powder, Baobab can be enjoyed as an addition to smoothies, oatmeal and even desserts.

Want to find out more about how Baobab could help you? Read all about its benefits for pregnancy here.


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