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Why is Baobab Called the Tree of Life?

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why is baobab called the tree of life?

Boabab isn’t any ordinary superfood. This nutrient-rich fruit comes from the Baobab tree – an iconic tree that lies at the heart of African folklore and medicine. In these ancient cultures, the tree has long been referred to as ‘The Tree of Life’, thanks to its spiritual significance and impressive nutritional credentials. Here’s a look at what makes Baobab so special – and how you can make the most of its many benefits.

What is Baobab?

Baobab first made its way into the health scene about a decade ago. Since then, it’s gained a reputation as a superfood rich in Vitamin C, potassium, calcium, fibre and Vitamin B6 – nutritional credentials that make it a great energy-boosting natural supplement.

But while Baobab might be a relatively new addition to the superfood world, its history spans millennia. The fruit of the Adansonia tree has been prized by communities throughout Africa for its many health benefits. The fruit resembles a velvet-covered gourd and is packed with large seeds encased in white powdery pulp. The slightly tart pulp is traditionally soaked and made into a drink, although in the UK you’re more likely to find Baobab powder – a fine white powder that can be whizzed into smoothies.

The tree of life

Baobab boasts so many life-giving properties, which explains why it’s earned the name ‘The Tree of Life’. Importantly, the giant tree acts as a succulent, with 80 per cent of the trunk containing water. This makes the Baobab tree a vital resource for Native Africans, who often turn to its water in times of drought.

On top of that, the tree’s bulbous trunk provides valuable shelter. Women in the Hadza tribe in Tanzania even give birth within the shelter of the trunk, which is said to offer spiritual and physical protection during labour.

How can Baobab change your own life?

You don’t have to live in the African bush to enjoy the benefits of Baobab. This nutrient-rich fruit offers a whole host of incredible health benefits. Here are just a few.

Support healthy pregnancy

Baobab is named ‘the tree of life’ for a reason – it supports a new life right from the beginning of your pregnancy. The Vitamin C found in Baobab helps your body produce collagen, which is particularly important for keeping your bones, tendons, skin and cartilage healthy. In addition, it promotes the growth of bones and the repair of skin tissue, helping to promote the healthy development of your baby.

A rich source of Vitamin C

Vitamin C performs many important functions in the body, from helping prevent colds to boosting recovery after exercise. And luckily Baobab is full of the stuff – in fact, it contains six times more than oranges.

Increase your energy with superfood Baobab

Vitamin C boosts energy levels and maximises stamina. That makes Baobab a great pre and post workout supplement. Try adding a spoonful of Baobab powder to your morning smoothie or porridge for an extra energy boost.

When you consider the important role of the Baobab tree plays for some communities, it’s easy to see why it’s earned its nickname. And the best bit is that you can enjoy some of these incredible life-giving benefits in your everyday life too. Get your Baobab superfood power right here.


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