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Organic Spirulina 500 Tablets

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  • SPIRULINA IS ONE OF NATURE'S MOST POWERFUL SUPERFOODS. It is a blue-green algae which is packed with powerful amino acids, vitamins, calcium, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, chlorophyll, fibre, iron and antioxidants. Our Premium Organic Spirulina Tablets are amongst the best way to boost energy levels, stabilise blood pressure, accelerate metabolism, alkalize your body and support weight loss.  Feel great with  25% of profits donated to our Charity Partner, Medical Relief International (MRI). 
  • EASY TO TAKE: Easy to take in convenient 500mg tablet form, they are the ultimate energy booster for active individuals, students, busy moms and fitness enthusiasts. Thanks to its high protein content, this low fat, low sodium and gluten free Spirulina is an excellent solution for anyone struggling with digestive issues and wants to offer their body a full spectrum of nutrients.
  • 100% UK CERTIFIED ORGANIC: Our natural, Organic Certified Premium Spirulina Tablets are packaged and third party tested in the UK under the highest quality standards. Superfood World is your top choice for pure, organic health and wellness supplements with results that you can feel.
  • LOOK AND FEEL YOUR BEST EVERY DAY: Add our Premium Organic Spirulina Tablets to your daily diet and help your body release toxins naturally, stay hydrated and get better-looking, healthier skin and luscious hair! What is more, Spirulina can help support healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels, helping your feel better by the day. CLICK ADD TO CART!
  • Recommended Daily Dose:  Start with 1-2 tablets/day and gradually increase to 4 tablets/day. If you have a known medical condition, are pregnant or breast feeding we advise you to consult your doctor prior to taking Spirulina. If you experience adverse reactions you should discontinue use. 

Side Effects:

As Spirulina is great at removing toxins from your body you could experience some temporary detox side effects which could last a few days.  It is important to remember that with anything, your body needs time to adjust.  If symptoms persist reduce dosage or discontinue use.

Slight Fever

Since your metabolism can be boosted after taking Spirulina, there is a potential that you may experience symptoms of slight fever as your body temperature increases slightly.

Sleepiness or Fatigue

Again, this is only temporary. You may experience this as a result of your colon being cleansed. . These symptoms if present normally surpass quickly, but if they do not, it is advised that you stop taking the product. If you wish to continue, it is advised to consult your doctor.  Experiment with small doses at first to ensure your body gets accustomed to the change. Gradually up the dosage as time progresses

Itching skin, rashes and breakouts

Another symptom of spirulina's colon cleansing ability is that as the toxins are removed, they can cause problems on the skin surface, leading to breakouts, rashes, redness and mild itching.  These are only temporary, as a result of your colon being flushed of toxins and waste. In the long run, taking Spirulina can clear your skin.

Green Coloured Waste

Spirulina helps flush out any waste that may have accumulated in your colon, meaning it could turn your waste green. Furthermore, your waste may have a slight greenish hue, due to the chlorophyl concentration.


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