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The Best Superfoods for Blood Pressure

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Best Superfoods for Blood Pressure


Maintaining optimal blood pressure is something most of us know we should do, but the reasons for this are perhaps less known. Your blood pressure is actually the force that your heart pumps blood around your body and the subsequent pressure that is placed on the walls of your arteries.


High blood pressure, or hypertension, can quietly damage your body by deteriorating your arteries and preventing a natural flow of blood, oxygen and nutrients to your vital organs. Additionally, the added strain on your heart could lead to serious problems down the line such as coronary heart disease.


While less common, low blood pressure should also be monitored and could be a symptom of underlying health conditions. If you experience dizziness or regular fainting, visit your doctors to check your blood pressure levels.


Though a change in overall lifestyle and diet is the best solution to poor blood pressure, certain superfoods have shown significant potential in being able to reduce high blood pressure and offer a range of other benefits to support your health.



Current research into Moringa and blood pressure has suggested that this popular superfood reduces blood pressure levels in those who take it. This effect has been attributed to the powerful antioxidants and nutrients in the substance, as well as the high levels of Vitamin C contained within.


Moringa contains a vitamin called Quercetin that has been linked with an ability to reduce hypertension. The hypertensive actions of this beneficial flavanol can be used as a natural way to manage blood pressure when combined with a healthy lifestyle. 

Vitamin C intake has also been suggested as a way to lower blood pressure, based on certain studies. Whether this is due to the overall benefit to your health, or a direct connection to systolic blood pressure or diastolic blood pressure, the high levels of Vitamin C contained in Moringa are worth taking note of for anyone who aims to combat high blood pressure.


If you were wondering, systolic blood pressure measures the pressure in your blood vessels when your heart beats while diastolic blood pressure measures the pressure while your heart rests between beats.




Cacao powder or Cacao nibs, are a way to benefit from the Cacao bean in all its glory. As one of the most unrefined versions of the ingredient, this superfood is rich in chemical compounds called flavanols.


Various clinical studies have demonstrated the positive effect of flavanol-rich Cacao on blood pressure reduction and the improvement of microvascular and macrovascular function.


The potential blood pressure-lowering properties of flavanols have attracted much interest and further studies could help to solidify the link between blood pressure and this beneficial nutrient. It is currently believed that it helps to widen blood vessels and support the easy flow of blood around the body.



Cinnamon is another superfood that shows promising links to blood pressure maintenance.


While current studies are limited to short-term application on patients with diabetes, the results have shown that consumption of this ingredient causes a notable reduction in systolic blood pressure or diastolic blood pressure. Further research could support the overall connection between Cinnamon consumption and the reduction of blood pressure levels.


Combined effort


Combating irregular blood pressure levels with a combined effort of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle is your best course of action. Introducing these promising superfoods into your diet is also a great way to support your efforts in reaching optimal blood pressure levels in the long-term.


Many adults around the world suffer from hypertension so if you feel you’re at risk, don’t ignore it! You’re not alone.



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  • Farath Saleem on

    Hi i currently 2 different medications for high blood pressure .My high BP is a result of polycystic kidneys. I am not being treated for polycystic kidneys as they are no main issues.I wanted to ask if moringa,cinnamon and cacao would be of benefit to me in aiding lowering my BP and helping me reduce my medication.


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