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Our Founder's Story

Our founder - Dr Wleed Haq, an Implant Dentist says things changed he discovered the transformative potential of a simple, natural, healthy lifestyle using Natural Organic Superfoods.


"Our Mission at Superfood World is to Help a Million People including YOU achieve Better Health with Natural Organic Superfoods & at the same time Help a Million People in Under Served parts of the World enjoy Better Access to basic Healthcare, Clean Water and Sustainability Projects..." 

Dr Wleed Haq

The Founder of Superfood World, Dr Wleed Haq is a Dental Surgeon by profession who trained in the famous Harley Street district in London in the field of Dental Implantology.  It was whilst he was working in the rural mountainous area of Powys in mid-Wales where he began to see the benefits of an organic diet in his patients who tended to live longer and enjoy better physical and mental health compared to his patients who lived and worked in the cities. 

This led him to research superfoods and their amazing health benefits which ultimately led to setting up Superfood World and the range of organic products it offers today.  So that he could share the benefits of this new healthy way of living with as many people as possible. Dr. Haq also founded the website Fresh Body Mind which provides free healthy lifestyle hacks, free video recipes and exclusive discounts on superfoods and organic supplements to those outside the UK.

As a supporter of good causes, our mission is not only to provide the best organic health foods but to also make a difference in the world by helping those less fortunate. This is why we made a it a Founding Mission to Donate 25% of profits at Superfood World to Medical Relief International (MRI) charity to help fund poverty relief, medical aid and sustainability projects to those in under served parts of the world.  So, when you buy from Superfood World, you not only benefit your own health but you help us provide resources to build a better life for others!

At Superfood World, we harness the power of nature to bring you wholesome, organic superfoods and supplements…

… to help you change your life and become the ultimate you.

At Superfood World, we could make it easy for you to:

We aim to become the UK’s number one guide to a healthy, rewarding, new way of living. Selling exceptional products is just one part of our work.

You get knowledge and choices through entertaining, informative, original free content including valuable guides to all aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

We never stop in our mission to source the best “traceable to origin” natural products in the world.

We love this incredible planet. We pride ourselves on our sustainable, environmentally friendly policies and we aim to enrich the lives of the communities around the globe who help us to bring you the finest products.

You have a new trusted friend helping you to effortlessly make natural food and supplements part of your daily life. We give you the best advice about what to take to support your body, how to take it and when to take it.

There are no quick fixes. Faddy diets and regimes don’t work - a new nourishing, long-term relationship with your body is the best way to feel happy.

We don’t believe in cliques or elites. We love fitness enthusiasts, people who want to lose weight, students, older people, personal trainers, detox fans, middle-aged men and women, vegans, vegetarians, people who are out of condition, meat eaters…

We want everyone to find out how it feels to change your life and become the ultimate you. And we show you that beauty starts from the inside - not with makeup or a bottle of fake tan.

True health care is prevention not treatment. A simple, natural, healthy lifestyle can prevent illnesses and health problems…

And food is medicine. Nature’s power is ignored by mainstream medicine and we’re proud to be part of the movement to change things.


Superfood World best superfoods donates 25% profits to MRI charity medical relief