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Why You Need to Try Maca for Stress Relief

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Why you need to try superfood maca for stress relief

Modern life is stressful. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed by everyday pressures, whether you’re dealing with a heavy workload, or trying to navigate a complicated relationship. That’s why it’s so important to take care of your body and mental wellbeing. Your body needs to be feeling its very best, if you want to overcome emotional and physical obstacles in your life. A diet rich in superfoods is a great place to start.

That’s where Maca can help. Maca is a natural supplement that boosts your energy levels and calms your mind, leaving you ready to face whatever life throws at you.

What is Maca?

Maca is grown high up in the mountains of Peru, where it has been used for 2,000 years as a medicine and nutrient-rich food. The ancient root is closely related to coniferous vegetables you’ll likely be far more familiar with, like broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage, and boasts a whole range of adaptogenic properties.

In Andean communities, Maca is enjoyed either boiled or roasted. In the UK, you’re more likely to find Maca powder – a fine powder with a nutty taste that can easily be added to juices, smoothies or healthy bakes.

Maca and stress: How can it help?

We all feel stressed from time to time. But for some people, the stresses of modern life can take a debilitating toll on their wellbeing and long term health. In fact, the acute negative health effects of stress can include headaches, digestive problems, sleep disturbances, memory loss and mood disturbances. In the long-term, chronic stress has even greater harmful effects, including being ill more ill and increasing your risk of anxiety, depression, heart disease and high blood pressure.

While techniques like mindfulness and meditation can be incredibly useful in promoting relaxation, sometimes it can help to add stress-busting superfoods to your diet, like Cacao, Ashwagandha and of course - Maca.

Incredible adaptogenic properties

So what makes Maca such effective stress-relief? It all comes down to its adaptogenic properties. Maca helps balance hormones within the body, helping it overcome physical and psychological stresses.

Maca nourishes the endocrine system, supporting the adrenal glands and thyroid to produce the right levels of the vital hormones your body relies on.

These adaptogenic effects reduce stress, boost your energy levels, increase concentration and improve stamina.

As well as this, Maca has also been shown to ease one of the most common symptoms of stress – anxiety. A study on postmenopausal women, published in the December 2008 issue of the journal, ‘Menopause,’ examined the effects of Maca root supplementation on anxiety and depression. The results showed that Maca reduced anxiety and depression within the group, leaving the women feeling calmer and more in control.

Find more about Maca’s amazing health benefits

Stress can be incredibly harmful, for both your mental well-being and your long-term physical health. That means it’s particularly important to give your body a helping hand in dealing with stressful situations. Maca is a great place to start.

Read more about the incredible health benefits of Maca here.


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