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Organic Maca Powder

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  • BALANCE ENERGY LEVELS NATURALLY- Maca was taken by ancient Inca warriors for increased strength & stamina. Today, many athletes use Maca for increasing energy levels and endurance. Whether you need the extra energy and focus to get through your 9 to 5, or you're a weekend warrior looking to optimise your workout, the natural benefits of maca are plentiful.
  • SUPPORTS HORMONAL HEALTH - Maca is a natural Adaptogen, known as 'Peruvian Ginseng' which can help balance hormones. Research has shown that regular use of Maca can balance hormones for both men and women, and enhance vitality and libido, naturally. Maca has also been shown to have a positive impact on mood, stress levels, energy and overall health due to its adaptogenic properties.
  • HEALTHY RADIANT SKIN - Maca is packed full of B vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and plant sterols that are beneficial for balancing the complexion and improving the look and feel of skin. Maca also contains over 20 amino acids, zinc, iron, magnesium which are essential for healthy skin and hair. Simply add 1 teaspoon to your favourite breakfast smoothie or cereal and enjoy!
  • UK 100% CERTIFIED ORGANIC - You only deserve the best when you purchase Superfood World Organic Maca Powder. Our Raw Organic Maca Powder is minimally processed to preserve essential minerals and vitamins, gluten free, packaged in the United Kingdom, Certified Organic by Organic Farmers & Growers and Registered with both the Vegan & Vegetarian Societies.
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