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Maca: The Perfect Superfood for Your Pre and Post Workout Routine

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Maca the perfect superfood pre and post workoutGood nutrition is an essential part of getting the most out of your workout. Making the right food choices before and after you hit the gym can boost your energy, increase your gains, and accelerate recovery. And with the help of superfoods like Maca, it couldn’t be easier.

Maca is perfect for your pre and post workout routine. It actively supports performance and recovery, thanks to the impressive offering of vitamins and nutrients it boasts.

What is Maca?

You could well have never heard of Maca. Remote communities high up in the Andes have used it for around 2,000 years, yet the superfood has only recently hit the UK. Since then, it has become a favourite ingredient in smoothies, breakfast smoothies bowls and even hot cocoa.

Maca features an impressive offering of health benefits and medicinal properties. According to a number of clinical studies, Maca can potentially:

1. Increase energy

2. Improve mood

3. Promote hormone balance

4. Balance oestrogen levels

5. Boost male fertility

Why you should make Mace part of your pre and post workout routine:

If you’re looking for a new superfood supplement to add to your workout routine, Maca might just be for you. With loads of proven performance-enhancing benefits, it can help you prepare and recover from exercise.

1. Boosts stamina

Maca’s main performance-boosting credentials come from its incredible adaptogenic properties. Similar to adaptogens like Ashwagandha and ginseng, Maca restores, balances and protects the body from stress – including the physical stress caused by a heavy workout.

Maca helps the body adapt to increased exercise, by regulating and balancing the production of vital hormones. One of the results of this is increased stamina. This was illustrated in a 2009 study, which explored Maca’s ability to increase stamina and endurance in athletes. The researchers tested eight male cyclists, and found that Maca improved the time it took them complete a 25 mile bike ride after two weeks of supplementation.

2. Helps promote recovery

Exercise can leave you feeling tired and sore for a few days. This pain is a common result of an intense workout, but there are steps you can take to accelerate recovery. Adding Maca to your post-workout smoothie is one of these, because its packed with helpful antioxidants that fight this pain. Studies suggest that antioxidants boost muscle recovery after exercise, by increasing the number of immune cells that are responsible for muscle repair.  

3. Protects your adrenal glands

Your adrenal glands play an important role in optimising your energy levels, but they struggle to cope when put under constant pressure, and often produce higher than necessary quantities of cortisol. This stress hormone can be useful for an energy boost before a workout, but elevated levels in the long term can lead to adrenal fatigue.

If you feel the effects of adrenal fatigue, Maca may be able to help. This superfood’s adaptogenic properties can help to naturally lower cortisol, promoting sustained energy levels and fast recovery.

Get your Maca today

Incorporating Maca into your pre and post workout routine is a great way to boost your performance and speed up recovery. Plus, it’s easy to enjoy this superfood. Simply sprinkle Maca powder into your smoothies, acai bowls, or juices.


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