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Baobab: The Impressive Pregnancy Superfood

Baobab Morning Sickness organic Pregnancy superfood Vitamin C


Pregnancy is one of the most important times to stay healthy and ensure that you have all the vitamins and minerals you need to grow a new life. As well as a balanced diet and exercise, pregnant women should take vitamin supplements, such as calcium or folic acid, to fill any nutritional shortfalls. Luckily there’s an impressive superfood that’s well up to this nutritional task. Baobab is a nutritional supplement that has long been a central part of African prenatal care, thanks to its high concentration of vitamins, fibre and antioxidants.

Supplements during pregnancy

A balanced intake of vitamins, nutrients and minerals is important at every stage of life. But when your body has two lives to support, getting that balance right is essential. To help make sure the mother remains healthy and the baby is able to develop properly, doctors recommend combining a healthy and balanced diet with prenatal vitamin supplements. Seeking advice from a doctor during the early stages of pregnancy is important, since they’ll be able to advise you on any specific deficiencies you may have, and recommend supplements to improve them.

Baobab and pregnancy

Baobab has long been linked to a healthy pregnancy. Known as ‘the tree of life,’ the Baobab tree and its fruit have had a close cultural association with pregnancy and childbirth for millennia in large parts of Africa. The trunks of the tree itself are even used as used as birthing places in some Tanzanian tribes.

What’s more, Baobab contains a range of vitamins and nutrients that are important for prenatal health. Here are just three reasons you might want to consider adding this superfood to your supplement regime:

Vitamin C and collagen

Baobab is packed with ascorbic acid – otherwise known as Vitamin C, an essential vitamin for healthy pregnancy. As Baobab contains over six times more Vitamin C than oranges, you can get your daily recommended requirement much quicker than if you’d stuck to fruit. A couple of tablespoons can provide 33 per cent of your daily Vitamin C.

Vitamin C helps your body produce collagen, which is really important for keeping your skin, tendons, bones and cartilage healthy. On top of that, it promotes the growth of bones and the repair of skin tissue, helping to ensure the healthy development of your baby.

Combat morning sickness

As one of the most common health complaints during pregnancy, morning sickness affects a huge number of women. But luckily, the Vitamin C in Baobab may be able to offer some relief. Natural remedies for morning sickness often include high levels of Vitamin C and studies have shown that it can have a positive impact on morning sickness symptoms within as little as three days. Packed with Vitamin C, Baobab is an easy way to up your intake and potentially reduce the intensity of nausea and vomiting during pregnancy.

An easy addition to your daily diet

Baobab is much easier than many supplements to integrate into your daily routine. While it may not look appetising, this chalky white powder has a fresh citrus taste that adds a bit of zing to any smoothie or juice drink. It will even work well sprinkled over your morning yoghurt – perfect for those looking for an instant breakfast superfood hit.

If you’re looking for more exciting superfoods that you can combine with your Baobab to tackle your pregnancy symptoms, find out more about the benefits of superfood ginger for morning sickness right here. For more about Baobab, find out how the amazing superfood can help with your pre and post workout endurance.


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