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Why Baobab is the Best Superfood You’ve Never Heard Of

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Why Baobab is the Best Superfood You've Never Heard Of

When people hear the word Baobab, imaginations will likely turn to the iconic ‘upside down tree’ found throughout mainland Africa. But the fact that this tree contains fruit that’s packed full of nutrients and helpful substances that aid the body’s natural processes is little known to most.

As superfoods move into the mainstream, more and more people are learning the wonders of superfoods like Baobab: the best superfood you’ve never heard of.

Digestive health


Fibre is a much needed part of a balanced diet, and helps the body’s digestive system operate more smoothly. Baobab fruit pulp contains up to 50 per cent fibre, most of which is soluble fibre - special plant fibres that help the growth and activity of bacteria in the colon.

With the introduction of more fibre and the resultant good bacteria that is harboured in the large intestine and colon, the body will have a much better chance of digesting food in a way that supports overall health and wellbeing. This also includes the moderation of blood sugar levels that become absorbed at a slower rate into the bloodstream.

While fibre can be sourced from a variety of different fruits, vegetables and grains, the superfood Baobab contains an extremely high volume, making it a welcome addition to your diet.

Blood Sugar


A 2013 study conducted by the Functional Food Centre of Oxford Brookes University found that doses of Baobab fruit extract lower glycaemic response in humans. This means that participants who consumed Baobab milk were left with a much lower blood glucose response than those who consumed a placebo drink.

The benefit of this is in lessening the impact of consuming foods with high sugar content, with the body’s release of sugar into the bloodstream being moderated. Obviously this is hugely helpful for those who suffer from diabetes.


High in Vitamin (Immune system & Energy release)


When you think of sources of vitamin C, citrus fruits probably come to mind first. While these fruits contain much needed sources of this vital vitamin, there are other places we can look for our weekly doses such as the superfood Baobab. In fact, the superfood Baobab contains up to 10 times more Vitamin C than oranges!

Vitamins C is essential for improving normal energy release and reducing tiredness. It is also a direct contributor to a better immune system that can help fight off unwanted bacteria and illnesses more effectively. The body doesn’t create this vitamin naturally like other animals, so it’s vital that we find it in the food that we consume.

Appearance of skin


The superfood Baobab can have a positive effect on the appearance of skin for two reasons. The first is its ability to reduce the impact that free radicals and toxic substances have on the body through high levels of antioxidants found in the supplement. As age is technically an accumulation of small changes and deteriorations, a boost in antioxidants can go a long way in maintaining youthful visage for longer.

Also, Baobab helps the body to create collagen and elastin – fundamental elements to skin firmness and elasticity. The large amount of vitamin C found in Baobab can be thanked for this, aiding structural proteins that combat wrinkles and fine lines.

Time to try


If you’re convinced about the potential benefits Baobab can have on your body, it’s time to get your supply in for the next few weeks, and start planning how to integrate it into your diet. Luckily, as a powdery white substance, extracted for the dry white pulp of the inner fruit of the Baobab fruit, it is extremely easy to integrate the Baobab superfood into a number of food and drink recipes.


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