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How Can I Make the Most of My Workout with Superfoods?

Ashwagandha Baobab energy maca superfood Workout


As much as keeping up consistent workout is crucial for a well-balanced lifestyle, having a healthy dietary plan also plays an important role.

Integrating workout sessions into your weekly schedule can help reduce anxiety, increase mood, boost energy and improve your overall health.

Whether you are an athlete, a regular gym-goer, an active individual or would simply like to include more exercise in your schedule, read on to find out how you can make the most of your workout with these top 3 superfoods!




Maca is the perfect superfood to enhance your workout! Making the right food choices before and after you hit the gym can really help boost your energy levels, increase your muscle mass, and speed up the process to recovery.

Thanks to Maca, you can boost your performance and recovery, with the superfood’s excellent sources of vitamins and nutrients. Apart from increasing your energy and mood, Maca offers many more impressive health benefits and medicinal properties, which will convince you to invest in the superfood!

Boosts stamina


Maca’s incredible adaptogenic properties help boost your performance during your workout, by balancing and protecting your body from stress as well as the physical stress that comes from an intense training session.

Maca can also help your body adapt to an intense workout, by balancing out the production of essential hormones, improving your mood and increasing your stamina.

According to a 2009 study, Maca was found to have improved stamina and endurance in athletes, after just two weeks of integrating the superfood into their diets.



For an organic fitness-boosting supplement, choose Baobab! The superfood allows you to make the most of your workout, as it is packed with vitamin C, and can help improve endurance and recovery as well.

Improves recovery


Due to its rich source of vitamin C, Baobab is the perfect superfood for strength training. According to research, ascorbic acid is crucial if you want to build muscle mass. Vitamin C was also found to help improve adrenal gland function, which maintains homeostasis and cortisol levels in your body – a hormone that can cause muscle breakdown.

Vitamin C can also help increase energy levels, by decreasing your body’s carnitine levels, which is the amino acid that transforms fats into energy, as well as supports adrenal function to boost metabolic energy!



The adaptogenic herb deserves its recognition as one of the best organic superfoods for active individuals, as it has proven its ability to boost endurance, concentration and energy levels.

Moreover, Ashwagandha also offers plenty of amazing health benefits, including improved fertility and better focus. However, its ability to boost energy and endurance is most appealing for those wanting to make the most of their workout!

Improves your cardio-respiratory response


Maintaining a good cardio-respiratory fitness is crucial for an excellent workout performance. It means that your body’s circulatory and respiratory systems are able to provide fuel and oxygen during your sessions, greatly enhancing your endurance.

According to a study, individuals were found to have improved their physical and psychological health the most, after taking Ashwagandha twice daily for three months!

Step up your workout regime!


Your workout is incomplete without sufficient workout nutrition. Eating and drinking the right things at the right time is vital to help boost energy, increase your gains and help speed up recovery.

So, do your workout the right way, by implementing these top 3 superfoods in your diet and watch the magic happen!


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