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The Benefits of Baobab for Pre and Post Workout Endurance

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Fitness doesn’t begin or end with your workout. To get the most out of exercise, it’s essential that you pay careful attention to your pre and post workout nutrition. This means eating and drinking the right things at the right time to boost energy, optimise gains, and accelerate recovery.

As far as the best organic fitness-boosting superfoods go, you need look no further than Baobab for all your pre and post workout needs. This superfood is packed full of Vitamin C, and can help maximise endurance and recovery. Here’s how it works.

Why should Baobab be an essential part of my fitness regime?

Baobab is the new superfood that’s taking the fitness world by storm. Originating from the majestic Baobab trees, Baobab powder is made from the raw organic pulp found inside the Baobab fruit. While this superfood might be relatively new to western health world, it has been used for millennia in parts of Africa as a vital source of food and medicine.

Thanks to its impressive nutritional credentials, it’s just the thing to add to your pre and post workout juices and smoothies.

Packed with Vitamin C

Baobab is an amazing source of Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid. In fact, it contains almost seven times the amount of Vitamin C as oranges. That’s great news for those who work out regularly, especially since the vitamin has been shown to reduce the amount of oxidative damage caused by exercise.

And it’s not just recovery that Vitamin C helps to promote. Ascorbic acid is also vital for supporting healthy skin, sustained energy levels and immune health.

Increases endurance

To perform consistently well at the gym, it’s essential you eat food that promotes sustained energy levels. Supplements like Baobab are packed full of the nutrients and antioxidants your body needs to boost your energy, both on the gym floor and throughout the rest of the day.

Vitamin C is particularly crucial for increasing energy because it lowers your body’s carnitine levels (the amino acid which breaks down fats into energy), while also supporting adrenal function for increased metabolic energy. So don’t forget to add some Baobab powder to your morning smoothie for all-day energy.

Boosts recovery

Baobab and strength training are a match made in heaven thanks to the superfood’s impressive offering of Vitamin C. Research shows that ascorbic acid is vital to building muscle and strength. On top of that, the vitamin has been linked to improved adrenal gland function, which keeps the body in homeostasis and balances levels of cortisol – a hormone that can cause muscle breakdown. This means that Baobab is just as useful when it comes to building muscle and strength as it is at promoting fast recovery after exercise.

Get your Baobab powder today

Perhaps one of the best things about Baobab (other than the health benefits of course), is its taste. Baobab powder has a delightful, citrusy taste and makes a delicious addition to smoothies and juices. Just add a spoonful to your favourite pre or post-workout shake and enjoy!

For more ideas for making your own energy-boosting drinks, read here.


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