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5 Energy-Boosting Smoothies

Ashwagandha Cacao energy maca superfood turmeric

Smoothies are typically a simple blend of raw fruits and vegetables, often with the addition of water or dairy products. The best ones also add a few key superfoods to boost the drink’s health profile.

The combination of your ingredients and nutrients included in each smoothie is crucial for the overall effect on your body. Whether you are a gym-enthusiast or just want to boost your energy levels, one of the best ways to make the most from superfoods’ energising contents is to make yourself an energy-boosting smoothie!

Here are 5 smoothies that can help boost your energy levels and improve your overall performance throughout the day!

Maca choco smoothie


The number one benefit of Maca is the increase in strength and energy levels you get when consuming it. If you are an athlete or active individual, a Maca choco smoothie can definitely help boost your energy and endurance.


You can also sprinkle on some Maca powder and Cacao nibs on top for extra flavour.

Cacao and peanut butter smoothie


Apart from its natural rich chocolate flavour, Cacao contains high levels of magnesium and phenylethylamine, which is a mood-boosting chemical that can help keep you energised through-out your busy day or workout session.


Finish with a dusting of Cacao powder to serve!

Ashwagandha and banana smoothie


Ashwagandha is a root powder that can massively help boost your energy levels. The natural adaptogen can help your body fight off stress, anxiety and fatigue – definitely a good idea to add to a delicious smoothie.


You may sweeten with some maple syrup or raw honey if you wish!

Turmeric, watermelon and red berry smoothie


Turmeric is becoming more popular, due to its powerful levels of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that can help maintain healthy bone, muscle and brain functions. These are vital features when wanting to keep your energy levels high!


Add some extra berries and mint sprigs on top of your smoothie for decoration.

Spirulina mango smoothie


Spirulina is packed with protein, vitamins, calcium, fibre, iron and plenty of antioxidants. The gluten-free and vegan supplement can help your body naturally release toxins, stabilise blood pressure and really boost your energy levels!


Top up with mint sprigs and enjoy!

Integrate these five delicious energy-boosting smoothies into your diet regime and experience how they can help positively impact your physical activity, providing you with enough energy and endurance throughout the day!


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