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4 Incredible Health Benefits of New Superfood Baobab

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Baobab might be the new superfood on the block, but it’s already making waves. Until recently, Baobab was unknown to the western world, but has been prized for its nutritional profile and amazing health benefits in its native African homeland for centuries.

Here’s where this exciting new superfood comes from, and the amazing health benefits you can benefit from.

Baobab: The lowdown

The Baobab tree is instantly recognisable. With a huge trunk, and long, root-like branches, these angiosperm trees have become the stuff of legend in the places they grow - Madagascar, parts of Africa and Australia.

Of course, it’s not just the appearance of Baobab trees that make them unique. Baobab trees produce huge greenish pods that contain the Baobab fruit. Packed with nutrients, the white powdery fruit forms an important part of some culture’s diets.

The health benefits of Baobab

Baobab doesn’t just offer some impressive nutritional credentials; it has also been linked to a number of health benefits. Here are just some of them:

Healthier skin

Baobab’s skin boosting ability comes thanks to its impressive offering of Vitamin C. In fact, it contains six times more of the stuff than oranges. When it comes to improving skin health, Vitamin C works by helping the body form elastin and collagen – two structural proteins that are key to beautiful skin.

Energy boost

Baobab doesn’t just offer an energy boost – it can also sustain energy levels for hours at a time, thanks to its high levels of Vitamin C and soluble fibre. This means that unlike many morning pick-me-ups, Baobab won’t cause your energy levels to crash mid-morning. To make the most of this energy boosting superfood, try sprinkling a little extra onto your morning porridge, or incorporate some into your post-workout smoothie.

Helps regulate blood sugar

Soluble fibre is incredibly important when it comes to keeping blood sugar levels in check. As well as slowing down the release of sugars into the bloodstream, fibre helps improve blood cholesterol, lower blood glucose levels and cut down dangerous visceral body fat.

And luckily Baobab is full of it, with 34 percent of the fruit made up of soluble fibre. According to researchers at the Functional Food Centre of Oxford Brookes University, this gives it the potential to help lower blood glucose levels. In their study on human participants, the research centre found that those who drank milk containing Baobab reported a lower blood glucose response than the placebo group.

If that wasn’t enough, a follow-up study showed that Baobab helped to lower the rate at which sugar was released into the blood after digestion. This makes Baobab a potentially useful supplement for those looking to follow a low GI diet, or even people with Type 2 diabetes. 

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Keep your heart healthy

A 2016 study carried out on rats found that Baobab fruit pulp can help keep your heart healthy. The results showed that the fruit has a cardioprotective effect against ISP-induced oxidative stress. Though further research needs to be carried out, this suggests that Baobab could well help prevent heart failure.

Tapping into the incredible health benefits of superfood Baobab is easy. Available as an organic supplement, Baobab can be added to all sorts of drinks and dishes for an extra boost. If you want to start making the most of the amazing health benefits of this exciting new superfood, then get your hands on Baobab today.


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