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Which Superfoods Can Help Fight off Fatigue?

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Due to our jobs and personal lives, we tend to rush through the day. It is natural that all of us at some point feel emotions of stress and anxiety in the midst of our daily routines. We sometimes choose to sacrifice our well-deserved sleep or at least give ourselves less rest than our body requires.

Working through our busy daily schedules naturally cause fatigue. But what if we told you that integrating certain foods into your diet can boost your energy levels in order for you to successfully conquer the day?

Read on to discover which superfoods can help you fight off fatigue.



Ashwagandha is growing in popularity as a fantastic adaptogenic herb, due to its impressive health benefits. Deserving of recognition, it has proven ability to boost energy levels and concentration, including better focus.

The natural adaptogen can help your body combat daily stress, and fight off feelings of anxiety and fatigue, by activating your mind and providing you with the right amount of fuel and oxygen for a productive day.



Feeling tired and need a good energiser? Forget your morning coffee and grab some Baobab powder instead! The superfood is the perfect supplement for giving you enough strength to make it through the day.

Did you know that Baobab is packed with vitamin C, helping you maintain your endurance levels? Vitamin C is known for helping increase energy levels, by reducing your body’s carnitine levels – the amino acid that turns fat into energy.



The flavour of chocolate holds a special place in our hearts. And there’s nothing better than having a superfood that gives you that indulgent taste, without the refined sugars and processed chemicals. Yes, we are talking about Cacao powder. It has the rich natural flavour of chocolate but can also help your body fight off fatigue!

Cacao is packed with iron and antioxidants, giving your immune system a boost. It also offers rich sources of magnesium and phenylethylamine, which are fantastic mood-boosters to keep you energised throughout the day.



Spirulina is famous for helping to enhance your beauty and giving your body a good detox. However, the superfood has even more to offer.

Due to its rich antioxidant content, Spirulina can help reduce oxidative stress as well as restore energy levels in your body.

The lack of iron in our bodies is one of the leading causes of fatigue. As Spirulina offers high levels of iron, the superfood can combat this feeling, providing an energising boost to blood iron levels, without causing constipation, which is a usual side effect of synthetic iron supplements.

Stay energised with these superfoods


Integrate these fantastic superfoods into your daily diet to combat the everyday stress and weariness you experience, and instead, give your body an energised boost by making the right food choices.

Coupled with a well-deserved sleep, you’ll definitely feel the difference the next day, making you want to get rid of your morning takeaway coffee, full of refined sugars and other additives, once and for all.



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