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Turmeric Curcumin: The Most Popular Superfood in the World

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Turmeric Curcumin

Today’s customers pay an incredible amount of attention to health foods and general wellness techniques.

The motivation to be healthy, natural and additive free is an essential driving factor when we look at major trends in the food industry. This is also the case with Turmeric Curcumin, whose natural health properties have potentially made it the most popular superfood in the world.

An Asian classic

The emerging love for superfoods in the Western world can usually be traced to ancient traditions and cultures from across the globe.

Turmeric originates in various areas of South Asia such as India, Cambodia and Vietnam where traditional culinary and medicinal practices date back thousands of years. The Indian Ayurveda system of herbal medicine is one of the most widely known among these, as well as the Chinese Herbal Medicine practices that both employ Turmeric as an essential ingredient.

Turmeric has been consumed for its powerful ability to improve digestion, strengthen the body and relieve pain and swelling. Turmeric root is now consumed across the planet. 

Demand for Turmeric in the West

There was very little mention of Turmeric Curcumin in European and North American medicinal health writings until the late 20th century. Although the ancient Greeks did document their use of Turmeric, this was due to its colour dying properties, not as a culinary or medicinal herb.

Today, Turmeric’s benefits are widely known across the Western world and consumer demand has caught up with its Asian and Middle Eastern counterparts. Turmeric lattes and Turmeric shots for instance are sold at coffee shop chains on almost every high street.

Spice up your diet

Turmeric forms the base of many common curries and recipes in Asia - many of which you might already be acquainted with. However, the fresh root is perfect in many different types of dishes. Its somewhat sweet, nutty flavour and accents of spice similar to Ginger make it a great addition to many incredible recipes.

Chopping up fresh Turmeric and adding it to a salad is a great way to introduce a spicy hint to your lunch. Or, mixing it with hot water for a powerful tea is great for relaxing in the evenings. For the most dedicated, it can also be chewed raw for a crunchy, succulent snack.

You can get your Turmeric powder supply from a whole range of sources today, such as supermarkets for fresh Turmeric, or health food stores and online suppliers for powdered supplements. If it isn’t already a favourite of your kitchen spice rack, it’ll sure make a welcome addition.

A lasting favourite

The health benefits of Turmeric Curcumin are substantial and perhaps the main reason for its widespread popularity. Increased brain function, anti-ageing potential, anti-inflammation and pain reduction are among the benefits that come with including Turmeric in your diet. If you are looking for the best turmeric capsules you can find the best turmeric supplement here.

We predict this amazing and versatile superfood will only continue to grow in popularity throughout the Western world and remain a cornerstone of many cultures’ cuisines across Asia and the Middle East.


Turmeric Powder

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