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Top 5 Reasons to Take Maca

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The famous Maca is a superfood native to the Andes Mountains and has provided a regular source of nutrients for the region for thousands of years.

This cruciferous vegetable is grown at high altitudes of up to 15,000 ft and is historically known for its robustness as a crop and necessary food source for isolated communities that live far from major cities - way out in the Peruvian Central Andes.

Maca superfood is now grown at much lower altitudes and is available for superfood lovers around the world to enjoy due to its wide distribution.

Most importantly, Maca is highly nutritious and contains minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium and zinc. Here are the top five reasons to take Maca.


Higher energy levels


Maca superfood can help the body sustain high energy levels and cope with stress. As such, it has been identified as a tool for those who suffer from fatigue or tiredness, or individuals who perform regular physical activities such as sports.

For athletes, taking Maca can be a welcome alternative to sugary drinks or caffeine, sustaining energy in a completely natural way to enhance performance during competitions or training.

Maca is able to do this by supporting adrenal function. It combats the negative effects of stress and enables the body to access higher levels of energy more easily.


Mood improvement


Maca has adaptogenic properties that help the body to maintain and reduce the effects of psychological stresses. These can come in many forms during everyday life - whether its work, relationships or money problems.

This accumulation of physical and mental challenges can sometimes lead to mental strain and in the long-term, potentially depression. In the end, mental health is something you should aim to maintain as much as your physical health.  

Taking Maca regularly in combination with a balanced diet, exercise and a positive lifestyle, you could give your body a much better chance of avoiding the negative effects of long-term stress and depression.


Stronger immune system


We would all like a stronger immune system. This is what stops us from getting ill in the first place. With a stronger natural defence, our bodies can actually avoid many unwanted health concerns.

An effective digestive system and smooth running of vital organs is a great way to assist your body’s immune system. By taking Maca you can bolster the immune system and provides resistance against potentially damaging infections and toxins.


Hormone regulator


Maca has been linked with fertility and pregnancy for many years. It has the unique ability to positively impact important hormones that are key to certain biological functions connected to reproduction and menopause.

Maca is able to support the adrenal glands and assist in the stabilisation and restoration of hormone levels when they fluctuate - regulating natural levels in the body.


Added brain function


Maca shows great potential when it comes to improving memory and cognitive ability. Although human studies are limited, it has long been considered a natural brain booster in Peru and studies carried out on animals has suggested that it could prevent memory impairment and deterioration of brain function.


Getting started with Maca


Maca is also used as a common ingredient for drinks and food recipes in Peru as well as a medicinal food. Thousands of years after its initial discovery it is still being used by communities today.

Try adding Maca to your health smoothie or morning granola for an easy way health boost. Or if you’ve got a sweet tooth, try baking it into a delicious dessert. There are hundreds of ways to enjoy Maca.



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