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Maca and the Mayan Empire

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Maca is an ancient root vegetable that has been used for thousands of years and was particularly popular in the Mayan culture. Its key powers are to boost energy levels, improve endurance and maintain a healthy hormonal balance while decreasing stress and fatigue.


Maca is also an excellent superfood for athletes and those who live an active lifestyle. The effective results stem from its adaptogenic properties and impressive content of protein, fibre, amino acids and fatty acids. The ingredient is packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals that the body can greatly benefit from, especially when high levels of energy are required.


Why did the Mayans love maca?


The Mayan Empire was a Mesoamerican civilisation, developed by indigenous people and centred in, what is today known as, Guatemala. The Maya civilisation possessed impressive knowledge of agriculture, writing, calendar-making, mathematics and astronomy. They had a surprising amount of understanding of the world that modern-day generations were only able to discover with advanced technology.


Most Mayan cities were abandoned and it remains to this day a mystery as to how most of the Mayans disappeared. Today, Mayans mainly reside within the boundaries of their old empire which now partly belong to the countries Belize, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. Despite the drastic decrease in population, the Mayans have managed to maintain their ancient culture. For example, the Maya calendar has survived remarkably well, continuing to keep track of the days and years in order to conduct their traditional rituals.


The ancient Maya Empire left behind extraordinary architecture and symbolic artwork, as well as their studies and findings about the world. To this day, we still take advice from their advanced intelligence and implement them into modern-day, such as their impressive knowledge of mathematics and astronomy, and foods that benefit our health, like Maca.

 In fact, modern Mayan intellectuals are maintaining the wisdom passed down by their ancestors and forming strong bonds within the community in order to survive. Impressively, the Maya populations are actually beginning to increase in numbers, rather than vanishing. The Mayans seem to be well aware of their strengths, precious knowledge about the world and their rich history, which may help them survive for centuries.


One of the things we learned from the Mayans was the powerful effects of maca. When the Spanish came to America and began settling in the Andes, they discovered that Mayans took large doses of this superfood. The Spanish were impressed by the effective health benefits the ingredient provided.




The number one benefit of Maca for Mayans was the increased strength and energy levels the superfood provided. It has been predicted that Mayans used to load their warriors up on Maca to give them extra vigour for battles. Hence, many athletes and active individuals include Maca in their diet to increase energy and endurance.


Hormonal Balance


Maca is considered a natural adaptogen which can help maintain a healthy hormonal balance for both men and women. Regular intake of maca helps you adapt to stress from a hormonal standpoint and prevents your body from converting testosterone into estrogen. It also has positive impacts on mood, while enhancing vitality and libido.


Healthy radiant skin


This ingredient that was much is packed with B vitamins, minerals and fatty acids that are amazingly beneficial for improving complexion and enhancing your skin. Maca also contains over 20 amino acids, zinc, iron and magnesium that are important for healthy-looking skin and hair.

As well as Maca, we also offer a variety of amazing supplements that can fuel and energise your body with the necessary vitamins and nutrients it requires for an active lifestyle.

Ashwagandha Root Powder helps boost your energy and endurance levels tremendously, as well as combat feelings of stress, anxiety and fatigue. Spirulina and turmeric are also great additions to an athlete’s diet as they are packed with essential nutrients that actively work together to help stabilise blood pressure, increase energy levels and maintain healthy bone, muscle and brain function.

Cacao powder is many people’s favourite as it contains a rich natural chocolate flavour while helping improve the immune system and the flexibility in the arteries. It is strongly considered a mood-boosting supplement, making it a great addition to highly-active individuals.

For athletes and gym-enthusiasts, following in the steps of the Mayan people can help you to achieve optimum performance and recovery.  Simply add one to two teaspoons to your favourite smoothie or cereal and enjoy!




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  • Craig Sams on

    The Incas were the inhabitants of the Andes and the users of Maca. They Maya (not Mayans) had plenty of other superfoods, such as cacao, squash, green beans, morning glory etc etc

  • William on

    The incans built the terrace farms on machu picchu not the mayans… The mayans lived in wet tropical jungle and built pyramids… This scammy choice seems weird to me since the mayans were very impressive and the internet is not short on photos of mayan pyramids…
    I guess to some people there is no difference between a dense humid jungle and the peak of a mountain.

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