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The Remarkable Anti-Diabetic Effect of Ceylon Cinnamon

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ceylon cinnamon

Cinnamon is the perfect spice to enjoy in the winter months. Warming and sweet, it’s just the thing to add to a spiced tea or fiery curry. But cinnamon doesn’t just taste good – it’s jam-packed with medicinal properties too.

From easing inflammation to cutting the risk of heart disease, cinnamon is an incredible everyday superfood. But perhaps most impressive of all are Ceylon Cinnamon’s incredible anti-diabetic effects.

Ceylon Cinnamon: The Lowdown

Cinnamon might be one of the world’s favourite spices, but few people know where it comes from, or the different varieties available. To clear things up, here are some must-know facts about this superfood spice:

1. The cinnamon in your cupboard, probably isn’t the real deal

In all likelihood, the jar of cinnamon on the supermarket shelf is actually Cassia – a spice made from East Asian evergreen trees. While Cassia tastes very similar to Ceylon Cinnamon, or “true cinnamon”, studies suggest that it contains far more coumarin – a chemical compound that can potentially damage the liver.

2. Cinnamon has been used in medicine for thousands of years

Cinnamon was used in ancient Egypt for both its taste and medicinal properties. It was so highly treasured that it was considered more precious than gold.

3. Cinnamon is packed full of antioxidants

Antioxidants do a vital job. Not only do they help control free radicals, but they can lessen oxidative stress. And luckily Ceylon cinnamon is full of them, making it a great spice to incorporate into your diet to keep you feeling your best.

4. Cinnamon helps fight inflammation

Inflammation doesn’t just affect your joints – it’s also one of the most common causes of disease. This means it’s vital you incorporate anti-inflammatory foods like cinnamon into your diet. This superfood spice can help keep inflammatory cytokines in check, while also increasing the production of anti-inflammatory proteins.

Turmeric is another powerful superfood in the fight against inflammation and its associated health issues. Find out more about Turmeric and inflammation here.

Ceylon Cinnamon and diabetes

One of the most impressive health benefits of cinnamon is its potential to help those suffering from diabetes. Boasting a range of anti-diabetic properties, it’s been proven to help lower blood sugar and aid insulin resistance, generally improving the health of both diabetics and those at risk of the disease. But how exactly does it work?

The anti-diabetic properties of cinnamon

Diabetes is a life-long health condition characterised by the build-up of blood sugar levels to dangerous levels. This happens when your body fails to produce enough insulin, causing glucose levels in the blood to increase and potentially triggering serious health problems.

Cutting down on sugar is a great way to control diabetes, but adding naturally anti-diabetic foods and supplements to your diet is important too.

Ceylon Cinnamon can help to naturally bring down these glucose levels thanks to its ability to lower blood sugar. It works by interfering with digestive enzymes, thus decelerating the breakdown of carbohydrates in the digestive tract. This can help prevent a spike in glucose levels following a meal.

Cinnamon also works to improve insulin resistance – a problem experienced by those with Type 2 diabetes or metabolic syndrome. Studies suggest that Ceylon Cinnamon may help naturally improve insulin sensitivity, meaning it helps cells to respond to insulin in the way they should. This is really good news for those trying to improve insulin sensitivity, or even help prevent Type 2 Diabetes.

 Ceylon Cinnamon is a tasty spice that also happens to be loaded with health benefits. So whether you’re trying to manage diabetes, or just want to boost your health, make sure to add more of this superfood spice to your diet.

For more info on this delicious spice, check out our blog about the incredible health benefits of Ceylon cinnamon.

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