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Can Ginger Lower Your Blood Sugar?

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Can ginger lower your blood sugar? - Superfood World

You probably know Ginger as that distinctive root that’s been a mainstay of world cuisine for millennia. But you might not know that’s it’s also an ancient go-to remedy for all kinds of illnesses, ranging from morning sickness and headaches to joint pain and the flu.

New studies suggest that we can add another benefit to the list: blood sugar regulation.

Here we explore Ginger can help lower blood sugar levels for a healthier, happier you.

Why manage blood sugar levels?

When blood sugar levels climb to dangerous levels, we invite all sorts of medical complications into our lives. Chief among these is diabetes. The bodies of people suffering from diabetes either struggle to produce enough insulin, or are prevented from using the insulin it does create. If left unchecked, glucose levels in the blood can therefore spike, leading to serious health complications.

Managing blood sugar levels is essential for the prevention and potentially even reversal of both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes (the most common forms of the disease). Medical treatment, as well as a more active lifestyle and healthy balanced diet, are important elements in this process, but nutritious superfoods can also be beneficial.

This isn’t just because they are efficient ways to improve your overall diet and nutrition intake, but also because they’ve been linked to an active reduction in blood sugar levels.

Ginger and blood sugar

Ginger is packed with phytochemicals such as Gingerol, zingerone, shaogaols, as well as other volatile oils including sesquiterpenes, b-biabolene and generanile.

Recent studies suggest that Ginger may have an incredible impact on the body’s blood sugar levels. When it comes to preventing, managing and even reversing diabetes, this could be huge news.

A study conducted by the Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences confirmed this, by examining its impact on 88 Type 2 diabetes sufferers. The participants, all of whom had suffered from diabetes for at least ten years, regularly took either Ginger or a similarly administered placebo.

After eight weeks, researchers concluded that those treated with the Ginger capsules showed a significant decrease in blood sugar levels, compared to the placebo group.

Some scientists believe that Ginger helps to control blood sugar levels by inhibiting hepatic phosphorylase – an enzyme that breaks down glucose storage molecules. This in turn triggers an increase in blood sugar levels.

Get your organic ginger powder today

If you’re a diabetes sufferer, or simply looking to naturally lower your blood sugar levels, you definitely stand to benefit from adding Ginger powder to your daily diet.

The great news is that it couldn’t be easier to introduce more of this tasty root into your everyday life. Try adding fresh Ginger to curries, stir fries and chilled water, or give your tea, smoothies and baking a zing with a teaspoon of Ginger powder.

Ginger isn’t the only superfood that lowers blood sugar levels. Ceylon Cinnamon has been shown to help regulate levels too! Why not read about this super spice here?


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