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Achieving Weight Loss With Spirulina

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Spirulina and Weight Loss


Spirulina has become a prevalent health food supplement throughout Europe, America and various other regions of the world. Driving this trend is the belief that this blue-green microalga offers a wide range of health benefits such as helping to reduce fatigue and increase energy.

Spirulina is also considered to be a natural detoxifier, helping cleanse the body as well as supporting strong heart, liver and kidney health.

In addition to these positive attributes, Spirulina is also increasingly featured in weight loss diets due its ability to assist the body’s digestive system and suppress appetite.

High in protein


A single tablespoon (7 grams) of dried Spirulina powder could contain around 4 grams of protein depending on your product of choice. In addition to providing all eight essential amino acids, this ingredient offers a high digestive absorption rate of protein compared to other foods such as meat.

Taking Spirulina regularly can therefore be ideal for those who are trying to build muscle as part of their weight loss goals. The more lean muscles you have means the more calories you will naturally burn throughout the day.

Whether you use it as part of your post-workout smoothies or other healthy drink or food recipes, Spirulina can be taken in conjunction with a sound exercise plan to improve muscle tone.

Low in calories

As well as being high in protein content, Spirulina is extremely low in calories. Low calorie diets that provide sufficient protein are often found to be effective for those who are trying to cut back on body mass and increase balanced muscle distribution.

Regular consumption of Spirulina may provide you with a good portion of your daily nutritional needs, without high levels of calorie intake.




As a highly nutrient-rich supplement, small doses of Spirulina are believed to fulfil the body’s natural desire for nutrients and minerals in a way that would take much larger volumes of other foods.

The concentration of nutrients in Spirulina is well documented and may lead to reduced hunger and cravings when included in your diet.

Ultimately, much of Spirulina’s weight loss potential can be attributed to its super high levels of important nutrients that you can access without consuming a huge amount of food. This is surely something that many weight loss plans and diets require and an attribute of this magical green superfood that we simple can’t emphasise enough.


Finding the best Spirulina brand

Spirulina is available as a powder or in tablet form, making it incredibly easy to introduce into your diet. There are hundreds of amazing smoothies recipes out there today that allow you to take Spirulina as part of your morning, post-workout or weekend recovery routine.

The most important consideration is finding the best version of the supplement available. You don’t need to spend extortionate amounts of money on this superfood, but you do need to make sure you’re getting the genuine article that contains only pure Spirulina.

Sometimes the potency of your Spirulina supplement may be much less than you hoped for if you source it from an unreliable retailer. Luckily, there are many companies out there such as Superfood World that are able to offer you a premium product that guarantees quality and freshness!



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