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Reveal Younger Looking Skin with Chlorella

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Reveal younger looking skin with chlorella from Superfood World

Expensive anti-ageing products aren’t the only key to younger looking skin. Nutrient and antioxidant rich superfoods like Chlorella can help improve the elasticity, smoothness and plumpness of skin for a natural, radiant glow.

What is Chlorella?

Chlorella is a freshwater green algae similar to Spirulina, and a natural health food supplement with the power to do great things. While it’s probably one of the oldest organisms on the planet, we’ve only been aware of its benefits as a natural food supplement for the last hundred years or so.

During World War I, many countries were searching for alternative and sustainable food sources. Chlorella’s nutrient profile and fast reproduction cycle made it a good candidate. The only problem was that it was hard to digest. But after the discovery of a new processing technique in the 1970s, Chlorella finally came to fill its superfood potential.

But Chlorella isn’t just a potential solution for food shortage. It also offers a host of health benefits, packing a huge amount of useful minerals and compounds into a tiny space, including 18 different amino acids, phytonutrients, iron, calcium, and a bunch of vitamins.

The anti-aging potential of superfood Chlorella

Chlorella can significantly raise the body’s antioxidant levels, which in turn helps to protect against damage caused by free radicals - a problem exacerbated by increasing levels of pollution and exposure to the sun.

In one Korean study, smokers who took Chlorella daily had 44 per cent more anti-ageing Vitamin C in their blood than those who took a placebo. Thanks to its antioxidant properties, Vitamin C plays a vital role in collagen synthesis, thus helping to protect and improve the participants’ skin health.

Minimise spider veins

Spider veins can instantly age your skin, but Chlorella might be able to help zap away these signs of ageing. French studies have suggested that Chlorella can improve the appearance of spider veins, reducing the redness caused by vascular irregularities.

Improve the appearance of scars

Studies have shown that Chlorella may help lessen the appearance of scars on the skin. In one study, Chlorella was applied to wounds on mice. The results showed that both orally and topically administered forms of Chlorella had beneficial effects on these skin lesions.

Improves skin elasticity

Flexibility is key to younger looking skin, but a reduction in collagen production reduces this elasticity over time. But once again, Chlorella can help. Clinical tests have shown that extracts of the superfood may help improve the skin’s ability to produce collagen – the key primary protein involved in maintaining the skin’s elasticity, keeping it looking young and wrinkle free.

How to make the best of superfood Chlorella

Chlorella is available in pill and capsule form, so adding it to a daily regime of supplements is simple. Or if you’d prefer to add it to your meals, smoothies or juices, the superfood is also available as a powder.

One or two teaspoons per day is usually enough to start seeing improvements in skin, and your overall health. You can find out more about the amazing benefits of Chlorella here.

Try Chlorella today and unlock your ticket to naturally glowing, younger looking skin.


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