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Who Are Medical Relief International?

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Medical Relief Information (MRI) is a UK-registered medical and relief charity founded in 2015. Despite the relative youth of the organisation, they have been working non-stop to provide medical relief and humanity help to the poorest people in the world. Their mission is to provide everyone around the world – particularly those in poorer areas – with the medicine, medical equipment, and medical expertise they need to lead happy and healthy lives.  Superfood World have partnered with  Medical Relief International (MRI) to help fund poverty relief, sustainability projects and medical aid to some of the world's most underserved people by donating up to 25% of all profits to help make the world a better place!


Housing Projects

One of the first steps of poverty relief is housing projects. People need places to live. Medical Relief International funds housing projects in Sri Lanka as part of their relief efforts. They currently have the funding for around 20 houses that will make a real difference. Of course, these first 20 is just the start. There are plans to build much more as the charity continues to grow.


Sanitation Projects

Medical aid – much like medicine itself – is about prevention as well as the cure. A lot of the problems faced by poor countries such as Sri Lanka could be avoided through water wells and sanitation projects to provide people with the clean water that is so essential to survival. We know that you wouldn’t drink dirty water, but some people have no choice. This water is laced with diseases and parasites. Providing people with clean drinking water is an important step in health because it keeps them healthy.


Boats for Fisherman

Providing for those who need help is important, but so is ensuring they can survive on their own. This frees up our resources to work with other people who need our help. Helping people to create a livelihood should be the goal of every charitable organisation; to not just help people, but to also make them independent and teach them to make their own living. Medical Relief International provides more than just medical aid; they also provide fishermen with boats and tools to allow them to create a livelihood and become more self-sufficient. Remember the old adage; give a man a fish and you can feed him for a day, teach him how to fish and you can feed him for life.


Medical Aid for Jordan

One of the projects Medical Relief International is most proud of is their work to provide medical aid for Jordan. Many people in Jordan go without even basic medical care. Equipment and expertise is hard to come by in the country, and a lot of help is needed. Medical Relief International works hard to ensure that everyone in Jordan has access to basic medical attention. The organisation recently held an Eid party to celebrate the end of Ramadan with disabled children in the country; giving them and their families’ an experience they’ve never had before.


Healing the World

Medical Relief International is doing everything they can to create a better tomorrow for everyone around the world, but they can only do so much. Follow the organisation on social media to learn more about the medical aid they are giving the world, and see for yourself the difference a little tender loving care can do.

You can follow Medical Relief Internation (MRI) on social media here:




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