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Using Profits For People In Need

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Superfood World Aims to Give Back Through Medical Relief International

Superfood World is an organic health food and organic supplements company that is about providing everyone around the world with everything they need to live lives full of good health. Dr Wleed Haq – the founding member of Superfood World – aims to take this idea to the next level by providing poverty relief through sustainability projects funded by Superfood World and implemented through the charity Medical Relief International (MRI).


Profits for People

Unlike other companies that aim to use people for profits, Superfood World will be using profits for people. They also believe in using profit for the planet; giving back to the wonderful world we live in. All of their products come from sustainable areas where people are paid fair wages for their work. The company also plans to give back in other ways too, such as through the Medical Relief International Charity and local UK charitable projects. 

Up to 25% of all of Superfood Worlds profits go directly to support Medical Relief International charity to fund poverty relief. There are already plans underway for a charitable project in which the two organisation will work together to raise £1,000 to give a poor family in Sri Lanka a house. The money will be raised from the profits Superfood World makes. It’s a poverty relief project wherein healthy people help to create a healthy world.

Heal Yourself and Heal the World

Far too many people underestimate the healing power of nature. They don’t understand that nature really does provide everything you need to stay fit and healthy. Dr Wleed Haq believes greatly in the health benefits of organic superfoods, which is the main reason he founded Superfood World. He wanted to enable everyone to share in these benefits with him.

Of course, one should never underestimate the power of money. It takes more than just good intentions to make a real difference in the world. Superfood World aims to be an organisation that truly gives back to the world that provides us with everything we need. When you buy your organic health food from Superfood World, you’re healing yourself and the world at the same time! 

Follow Along on Social Media

This promise to build a home for a Sri Lankan family isn’t an empty one. You can follow along for yourself on social media and watch as the house is built and as the family is given the safety and security they’ve always dreamed of. So many people take their homes for granted; couldn’t imagine what it would be like to not have a roof over their head. They just don’t understand what makes poverty relief so important. That’s why you’re invited to watch for yourself what a difference it can make when you buy from Superfood World. 

Superfood World has some lofty goals. Building one house for one Sri Lankan family is just the start of the story. The company plans on continuing their sustainability projects and helping the world as a whole. Whenever you get your organic supplements from Superfood World, you are left feeling better physically, mentally, and spiritually knowing that your purchase is making a difference to someone else in the world!


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