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The Benefits of Ginger and Cinnamon During Winter

Ginger and Cinnamon


There’s nothing wrong with modifying your diet as winter comes into full force. It’s no secret that your body is more vulnerable to fatigue, mood swings or catching a cold or the flu as the darker and colder days become more frequent. So, matching this unavoidable change with a new dietary plan can help you stay healthier for longer, which is where Ginger and Ceylon Cinnamon come in.

These two great ingredients that are an excellent addition to anyone’s winter diet– are the perfect addition to a whole range of different drink and food recipes. While these spices come packed-full with great flavour, they are also great for improving your immune system, improving digestion and relieving pain among other things.



Healthy blood sugar levels


During winter, people with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes tend to have higher blood glucose levels as the temperature drops compared to warmer months.

High blood sugar levels can be incredibly damaging for the body, leading to serious health issues if left unchecked like heart disease, strokes and kidney disease. So it’s definitely worth taking an extra effort to help keep your blood sugar levels down at this time of year.

Studies show that Ginger can be effective in normalising blood sugar levels in diabetic patients and could be an extremely important tool when it comes to keeping your blood sugar levels under control.  


Digestion and pain relief


We all eat more food during the winter. It’s not just those delicious Christmas snacks and large family meals, but as humans, we tend to consume more food during the colder months.

To give your digestive system a helping hand, Ginger can be used to relax your intestines and combat things like heartburn and acid reflux.

To treat your stomach or relieve yourself from the discomfort associated with overeating, Ginger can also be used as a way to help soothe your pain.


Immune system


To avoid getting a troublesome cold or the flu, you need to first build up your defences to handle any harmful bacteria or viruses that may come your way.

Ginger is an effective ingredient when it comes to assisting your immune system and building up its defences. It supports the natural processes designed to protect the body and offers an added protective layer to your system during the colder months.  





Winter nutrition should always involve a healthy amount of antioxidants. These compounds play an important role in keeping our bodies fit and healthy, fight free radicals and remove unwanted toxins that could cause us harm – which are especially useful during winter with the various viruses going around.

Much like with superfoods such as Cacao, Ceylon Cinnamon contains surprisingly high levels of antioxidants that can help protect your body and potentially help to prevent certain diseases.


Reduces swelling


It’s often common to avoid non-invasive injuries or conditions during winter, especially for the elderly or disabled. However, inflammation in the body starts rapidly and can quickly become troublesome if it’s left unmanaged.

Various studies have reported the anti-inflammatory ability of Cinnamon that can help prevent the damaging potential of untreated inflammation that is typically caused by things like arthritis or bacterial infections.

Superfoods like Ceylon Cinnamon offer a natural way to reduce swelling that could help you avoid long-term health issues like heart disease, diabetes and even cancer.


Regulates blood sugar


Certain studies suggest that Ceylon Cinnamon is effective at improving blood glucose and cholesterol levels in people with diabetes. It can achieve this by reducing the glucose that enters the bloodstream after you finish eating.


Staying healthy this winter


There are many ways to protect your health over the winter holiday period and beyond, including staying well hydrated, eating a varied and balanced diet and getting plenty of aerobic exercise.

While these should form the foundation of your health regime, including a few special superfood supplements such as Ginger and Ceylon Cinnamon in your regular diet could help to give you that added health boost you need during the winter season.



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