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Root Your Health and Beauty in Ginger

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Rooting Your Health and Beauty in Ginger


There’s nothing wrong with searching for a new, exotic superfood ingredient to rejuvenate your health and spice up your diet. In fact, we encourage it. But here are some reasons why you can always root your health and beauty in good old Ginger, regardless of the changing seasons or a new dietary regime.

Regulation of blood sugar

High blood sugar is bad. Very bad. Especially if left untreated for long durations. Heart disease, strokes, kidney disease, nerve problems… the list goes on for the potential consequences of unregulated blood sugar levels.

Studies show that Ginger lowers and normalises blood sugar levels. This is an extremely important weapon for those fighting diabetes or those who simply want to get their levels under control.

Convenient ginger

Ever found it difficult to find the right superfood ingredients? Ginger is sold in almost any large food store or local market – which is what makes it so great! This is an important factor when considering what ingredients are going to remain in your food arsenal all year round.

Knowing that you can always get your hands on some Ginger allows you to factor it easily into your recipes and maintain a regular intake.


As an incredibly versatile seasoning, Ginger can be used in so many delicious recipes. That’s why it’s so easy to integrate into your lifestyle. There’s no end of Chinese, Indian and South East Asian dishes that Ginger can be used in.  Or why not just enjoy it mixed with honey, lemon and hot water for a flu or cold fix.

Digestion and pain relief

Ginger relaxes your intestines and can be used to combat heartburn and acid reflux. It also soothes stomach aches and eases nausea. This makes it an excellent solution for digestive issues as well as morning and travel sickness

Having some Ginger on hand can be a life saver – and is arguably a better alternative to reaching straight for the medicine cabinet.

Immune system

Perhaps one of the best reasons to use Ginger in your life is that it assists your immune system in the complex set of processes designed to protect the body. Rather than a remedy to various health problems, start thinking of Ginger as your protective layer.

Ginger and beauty

So where does beauty come in to all this? In addition to Ginger’s ability to keep you healthy, it may also improve the appearance of skin when applied directly to the surface, due to its antioxidant properties when applied directly to the surface.

Ginger for life!

We each have our own ways of maintaining good health. The very fact that you’re reading this blog probably means you’ve put some solid thought into your diet choices. If you haven’t done so already - rooting your health and beauty goals in Ginger as a long term staple of your superfood armoury will be one of the best decisions you make this summer.


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