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Could Superfood Cacao Revolutionise Your Weight Loss Regime?

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superfood cacao weight loss

Chocolate and diets aren’t usually found in the same sentence. After all, the stuff we find in the supermarket is packed with calories and fat. But cacao is different. As an unprocessed form of chocolate, cacao nibs and cacao powder offer the delicious taste of cocoa without any of the added dairy and sugar. Plus, they’re full of nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants, making them the perfect superfood to revolutionise your weight loss regime.

The health benefits of cacao

Cacao is the source of original, natural chocolate. This means that organic cacao nibs or powder offer all the health benefits of the cocoa bean, without any extra dairy, sugar or heat processing. Cacao’s health benefits include:

Improved heart health

A 2011 double-blind, randomised study found that as little as five grams of raw cacao can promote brachial artery FMD in healthy adults, decreasing the chances of developing cardiovascular diseases.

Magnesium boost

Worryingly, a huge proportion of the population are thought to be lacking in magnesium – a mineral that is vital to may biochemical processes. Packed with magnesium, cacao can potentially support muscle and nerve function, as well as helping manage blood pressure and muscle structure.

Can boost mental health

Chocolate really is a feel-good food. Studies show that cacao triggers the brain to release neurotransmitters, which in turn promote happy hormones.

How can cacao revolutionise your weight loss regime?

Cacao can help boost your weight loss regime in so many ways. Here are just a few of the reasons you should consider incorporating this superfood into your diet. A healthy sweet treat Just because you’re eating healthily, doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself of a sweet treat. And cacao is the perfect option.

With an intense chocolatey and slightly bitter flavour, cacao nibs and powder make a great alternative to chocolate and cocoa powder in all sorts of recipes. For a rich and sweet drink that won’t derail your weight loss aims, try whipping up a cup of vegan hot cacao.

Anti-obesity properties

Not only is cacao a healthy alternative to chocolate, but it also contains properties that might actually aid your weight loss. Studies suggest that cacao can slow down the rate at which digestive enzymes like amylase and pancreatic lipase store fat, making it easier to shift those extra pounds.

Incorporating cacao into your weight loss regime

Adding cacao to your diet is simple. With a choice of either cacao powder or cacao nibs, there are loads of ways to add it to you favourite recipes. For a chocolate-powered breakfast, why not add a teaspoon of cacao powder to your porridge.

Or for a healthy on-the-go snack, mix some cacao nibs in with your trail mix. You can even add cacao powder to stews for an even richer taste. Just remember that while cacao is a great addition to a weight loss regime, it does contain calories and fat, so keep a check on how much you’re eating.

For more delicious ideas and recipes, check out our post on easy ways to add cacao to your diet.

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