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Boost Your Mood with Delicious Cacao

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boost your mood with cacao

If you’re someone who heads straight for the chocolate when you’re feeling stressed, you’ll know all about the mood-boosting potential of this sweet treat.

But the mood-enhancing effect of chocolate isn’t just down to its taste. Researchers have discovered that cacao – the purest form of chocolate available – can improve your mental health in many different ways. Read on to find out more.

What is cacao?

Chocolate is often in the news for its purported health benefits. But when researchers talk about chocolate, they’re not referring to the sugar-packed kind you find in the supermarket. More often than not, they’re researching the benefits of cacao.

As a minimally processed product, cacao nibs and cacao powder preserve the living enzymes found in the plant, as well as all its incredible nutrients, minerals and antioxidants.

In comparison to raw cacao, cocoa is roasted at high temperatures. This changes the molecular structure of the cocoa bean, destroying much of its natural goodness. Not only that, but regular chocolate usually contains added dairy and sugar – added ingredients that offset the health benefits offered by raw cacao.

So what are the health benefits of cacao? As well as its mood-boosting effects, cacao has been shown to contain an impressive amount of magnesium – a mineral that is vital for a huge number of biochemical processes.

It can also help boost concentration, help prevent iron deficiency and even improve heart health.

The mood-boosting effects of cacao

Chocolate really can lift our mood. Researchers have discovered that cacao can help stimulate the brain into releasing neurotransmitters, which can in turn release feel-good hormones. These include phenylethylamine, a compound more commonly known as the “love drug” thanks to the feeling of calm it invokes. Phenylethylamine, or PEA, can also help to enhance mental focus and concentration, counter depression and anxiety, and improve our moods in general.

Although cacao only has small doses of PEA, studies suggest that it is in fact enough to have a tangible effect on our brain.

On top of its PEA levels, cacao is also packed with tryptophan, an amino acid that is linked to serotonin production. As low serotonin levels have been linked to depression, it’s super important to do everything you can to boost this neurotransmitter. And cacao is a great first step.

We all knew that chocolate had the potential to boost our mood, and now we have the science to prove it. But before you grab that chocolate bar, just remember that not all cacao is created equal.

To enjoy all the mood-boosting effects of this superfood, make sure you opt for organic cacao nibs or cacao powder. These raw products contain all the nutrients, antioxidants and minerals found in the cocoa bean, without any of the added ingredients.

For more ideas on how to add this superfood to your diet, check out our blog post on ways to incorporate cacao into your everyday life.

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