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How to Find the Best Ginger Superfood

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Ginger is a true superfood. Packed with anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic gingerols, this popular spice offers a whole wealth of health benefits. Not only that, but it tastes great too. Yet to tap into all the incredible health benefits of ginger, you have to invest in the best.

Quality, organic ginger is a must when it comes to getting your superfood fix – here’s why.

Ginger: the lowdown

Ginger’s health benefits are nothing new. In parts of Asia, ginger has been used for millennia as a natural remedy for all health issues. And now, thanks to many clinical studies, we have even more evidence of the power of this everyday superfood. Here are just a few of ginger’s incredible health benefits.

Anti-inflammatory properties

Gingerol (the active ingredient in raw ginger) is the powerhouse within ginger. Studies have shown that this key compound can inhibit the enzymes that play a key role in inflammation, which is related to many chronic conditions.

Contains antioxidants

All the best superfoods contain antioxidants, and ginger is no exception. By inhibiting free radicals and combating oxidative stress, antioxidants can slow down the signs of ageing and help keep you feeling your best. The antioxidants found in ginger have even been linked to better brain health.

Eases nausea

Ginger is a common remedy for nausea and upset stomachs. In the largest study to date, researchers evaluated the benefits of ginger for patients undergoing chemotherapy. They found that as little as one-quarter of a teaspoon of ginger cut symptoms of nausea by up to 40 per cent. Check out our recipe for delicious ginger, lemon and cinnamon tea here.

Why you deserve only the best ginger

To tap into the incredible health benefits of ginger, it’s important that you track down the best. Here’s why.

Fresh vs. ground

It’s easy to assume that ginger powder loses some of the nutritional clout offered by fresh ginger. But this actually isn’t the case. Both varieties actually offer their own unique set of health properties.

The biggest selling point of fresh ginger is its impressive offering of gingerols. These compounds have been extensively studied and are know to potently neutralise harmful free radicals and help lower inflammation in the body.

Ginger powder, on the other hand, contains more shogoals – another bioactive family of naturally occurring compounds that may have even more potent activity relative to gingerol. On top of that, research suggests that shogaols may even have the potential to inhibit certain types of cancer cells. While more research needs to be carried out, the health benefits of both fresh and dried ginger are clear.

Organic is best

As with all superfoods, it’s best to track down organic ginger. The goal is to avoid any and all additives, pesticides or GM ingredients. When you’re consuming a supplement like ginger everyday, it’s important to consider the long-term health effects, which is why investing in organic is always a good idea.

If you’ve decided to incorporate more ginger into your daily life, then always make sure you look out for the best. This ensures ultimate freshness and health benefits – and it will taste better too!

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