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Taking Spirulina Before Exercise


People who exercise on a regular basis for staying active, losing or gaining weight, or simply to feel more energised know the importance of smoothies. These are energy drinks that you can consume before and after a workout session in order to obtain their numerous health benefits. First and foremost, these drinks are usually rich in proteins and we all know that we need proteins the most when we exercise to repair the muscles and to recover from the energy lost during a workout. Moreover, the drinks are extremely simple and easy to make and they can be prepared within 5 minutes. So, basically they can be the best option for busy people who have no time to prepare nutrient-rich meals to complement their exercise program.

Why Spirulina before Exercise?   

Spirulina is essentially a superfood, not only rich in proteins but also various vitamins and minerals good for our overall health. It has been found that one serving of spirulina (about 3 grams) contains up to 60% proteins! So, you can imagine just how beneficial this superfood really is especially for people who exercise regularly. In this article, we are going to discuss why spirulina before exercise is important and how you can easily make it a part of your everyday diet.

Spirulina before exercise can provide you with the following health benefits:

  • It has the ability to boost your brain health, lift your mood and make you feel motivated about the whole workout thing.
  • It can lower your blood pressure or should we say maintain it at an optimal level so that you can exercise with ease for as long as you want.
  • It boosts energy levels so you can perform at high levels during exercise.
  • Spirulina has been found to be beneficial towards sinus related problems and therefore when, you have it before exercise you can minimise allergy symptoms that interrupt with your workout plan.

So, you see there are numerous benefits of consuming this superfood before any rigorous workout. The best thing about spirulina is that it can be added to any smoothie or shake that you’re already used to having without causing a huge change in taste. It is available in the form of powder and you can use it for months without worrying about any change in quality or taste. 

It is possible to lose a considerable amount of weight through regular and vigorous exercise. But if you’re not sure where to start from, download our free guide: “The Healthy Way to Start Losing Weight: A Guide For Busy People” especially if time is the biggest hurdle in your plans.

A Healthy Green Smoothie Recipe

So, you have decided to make spirulina before exercise a part of your daily routine. Here is a quick and easy recipe for a green smoothie that you can prepare within minutes and drink before starting your workout session.

You are going to need a fruit like an avocado, apple or pear along with lemon or orange juice, a herb like basil, and last but not the least a teaspoon of spirulina powder. In addition to proteins and essential vitamins, this smoothie will also provide you with antioxidants that help fight against premature aging and make you fit and healthy overall. All you have to do is process all these ingredients in a blender and add a little honey for improved taste. Chill the smoothie in the refrigerator for about half an hour and drink it before leaving for your workout. You will start feeling the difference the very first day! 

Keep in mind that spirulina powder has a very strong and rich taste. So, add only about half a teaspoon or even a lesser amount if you also plan on using another superfood like chlorella with it.  

Spirulina before exercise can provide you with all the benefits you’re looking for whether you are exercising for weight loss or some other purpose. Having a green smoothie, which is easy and quick to make and that will aid you while you exercise and break your muscles down is probably the best way to feel refreshed and energised throughout your workout session. And there is nothing better than a superfood like spirulina, to make this smoothie a protein-rich, all-natural and extremely healthful meal!      

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