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The Surprising Role of Superfood Cinnamon in Dental Health

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Maintaining good oral health is one of the most important elements of a healthy lifestyle. Poor dental health leads to a whole host of complaints, ranging in severity from a distracting discomfort all the way to serious surgery.

We hear a lot about the foods that are bad for our dental health – like sugary foods and acidic drinks. But we don’t often hear about foods that safeguard our pearly whites and help us avoid that dreaded trip to the dentist.

These foods are out there: and one of them might surprise you. Ceylon Cinnamon could be one of the best things for maintaining great dental health. And here’s why.

High in calcium

Calcium is essential to the development and maintenance of healthy teeth and bones for people of all ages; packing a huge amount of calcium into a small space.

One tablespoon of Cinnamon contains 78mg of calcium – that’s almost eight per cent of our daily requirement (1,000 mg for adults). This means Cinnamon might actually be one of the most efficient ways of introducing calcium into your diet.


One of the main causes of tooth decay is the acidic compounds given off by the tiny organisms that live in your mouth. So it follows that getting rid of them would help you avoid a lot of damage. And luckily, Cinnamon might be able to help with that.

A study has found that Cinnamon oil is useful in combating tooth decay, thanks to its antibacterial and antimicrobial activity, which inhibits many of the bacterial species involved in dental degradation. And if that wasn’t good enough, you’ll also achieve much fresher breath as an added bonus.

A natural pain reliever

Toothache? Recent studies suggest that Cinnamon could have similar anti-inflammatory and pain relieving effects as ibuprofen. So next time you’re suffering with a little toothache, why not try upping your Cinnamon intake?

How to enjoy Ceylon Cinnamon for better dental health

You’re no doubt familiar with Ceylon Cinnamon powder (the delicious spice that’s packed full of health benefits). But did you know that Cinnamon also comes as oil? To make the most of Cinnamon oil, you can either apply it directly to your gums and teeth, or infuse it with olive oil. Dried Cinnamon sticks steeped in hot water to make a tea will also work wonders.

Alternatively, try adding fragrant Ceylon Cinnamon powder to your regular meals or beverages to start enjoying the spice’s wide ranging health benefits, including fewer headaches, lower blood pressure and even a reduced risk of heart disease.

Want to find out more about the benefits of this tasty spice? Read more about how Cinnamon can boost your health here.


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