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How Turmeric Can Help You Get a Great Night's Sleep

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how turmeric can help you get a great night's sleep - Superfood World

Turmeric curcumin boasts several attributes that could make it a great tool to have in your cupboard as a natural remedy to help you sleep better. But what is it about turmeric that could provide a natural cure for insomnia?

Well, many natural health experts think it might just have something to do with turmeric's effect on the liver.

Turmeric: A natural cure for insomnia?

Sleep remains something of a mystery to us all. Why is sleep so important? We quite literally cannot survive without it. Our well-being, physical and mental health are all affected by sleep deprivation. For those of us who struggle with insomnia on a long-term basis, the health impacts can be significant.

But regular long-term use of pharmaceutical treatments is equally problematic, leading many people to look for a natural cure for insomnia. There is emerging research that suggests that turmeric curcumin could be this natural treatment to combat insomnia.

There are many theories as to exactly why many people experience a positive effect from using turmeric as a natural sleep aid. Perhaps turmeric's best-known health benefit is its anti-inflammatory qualities but some experts have theorised that it is its detoxifying impact on the liver that could be what helps when it comes to improving quality of sleep.

Sidney Baker suggested in his book Detoxification and Healing that “a faulty detoxification system is a common reason for poor sleep (or sleep disorders)”. He went on to suggest that many of us blame our nerves for poor sleep quality or difficulty falling asleep when in fact it is our liver that needs help to aid our detoxification.

A number of studies have shown that turmeric could help with liver cleansing and detoxification. A study conducted by a team in Thailand revealed that the mighty curcumin found in turmeric helped to repair and even regenerate the livers of rates. Further research suggested that the superfood could help support the enzymes that flush out a number of known dietary carcinogens, assisting in the protection against liver damage.

Read more about how turmeric could help support liver health.

How to feel better after a bad night's sleep

But turmeric's potential power doesn't stop with helping you to fall asleep; there is further research suggesting that it may even help your mental and physical health after you've struggled with sleep deprivation.

A 2008 study conducted by the University Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Panjab University in India uncovered some intriguing results when exploring sleep deprivation in mice. The researchers treated 72-hour sleep deprived mice with curcumin extract over the course of five days.

They found that the treatment “significantly prevented weight loss, impairment in locomotor activity [and] anxiety-like effects in all behavioural paradigms tasks” compared to the control group. You can find the best turmeric supplement here.

Could turmeric help you get a good night's sleep?

Whether you add a cup of warm golden milk to your evening routine, mix more turmeric into your regular recipes or you mix up a turmeric paste with healthy fats and black pepper, this is a really easy superfood to incorporate into your diet. Have you found that turmeric helps you get a good night's sleep?

Let us know how you've got on over on Instagram. We'd love to hear more about your experiences.


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