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Finding The Best Vegetarian Protein Powder

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There are more than a few types of vegetarian diets people follow.

These include Lacto-ovo vegans who mostly consume dairy items, for example, milk, cheddar, and yogurt-and eggs, however no meat, poultry or fish.

If you feel that your body needs extra protein, you can always add some vegetable protein powder to your diet.

Benefits Of Vegetarian Diet

Instead of meat, vegetarians consume a wide range of vegetables, seeds and pulses to get a full range of amino acids in their diet.

These include raw vegetables, vegetable oils, beans, legumes, plants, and herbs. Some vegetarians may also eat fish and seafood (these are called ‘pescetarians’).

Consuming vegetables provide several benefits over meat.

Firstly, vegetables contain less saturated fats and cholesterol compared to meat and other non-veg food.

Secondly, eating vegetables on a daily basis is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, fiber, potassium, magnesium, phytochemicals (includes flavonoids and carotenoids) and folic acid.

Adding Superfood Powder To A Vegetarian Diet

For weight-conscious vegetarians who require extra protein in your diet, adding vegetarian sources of protein like a powdered superfood is the way to go.

There are a large number of vegetarian sources of protein foods and superfood powders available in the market. Here is a list of high protein vegetarian foods and supplements:

  • Spirulina
  • Goji berries
  • Chlorella
  • Flax seeds
  • Hemp protein
  • Avocado
  • Cocoa powder

Out of these, the spirulina contains more protein per milligram compared to other foods.

Simply put, adding a protein-rich superfood powder to your vegetarian diet will give you the same amount of nourishment as meat or other non-veg foods. 

Check Labels When Purchasing A Protein Powder

When buying a protein powder, always check the label. Doing so will give you the exact quantities per milligram added with calories. Consult your dietician on how to use the highly protein rich powder with your favorite food.

If you find that your favorite protein supplement also contains non-veg ingredients, choose a supplement that has no non-veg ingredients. 

Keep Switching Between Different Products

Your body will absorb more and diverse nutrition if you keep switching your food supplements and protein powders. For instance, take once supplement for a week or 10 days.

Then, switch to another supplement and use it with your favorite vegetable diet if it suits you. Continue this practice, and you’ll see the results in weeks if not months.

Consult Your Dietician Before Using Food Supplements

Take caution and never make a diet plan by yourself. It would better to consult your dietician or doctor in this regard.

No matter how much you know about foods and supplements, it is strictly advised always to consult your dietician or a medical professional before you start consuming supplements, especially if you are pregnant, or have a pre-existing heart condition.

Your dietician knows what suits your body more than you do so follow their advice to maintain a healthy living. 

If you care about your health and want quick results, keep eating healthy vegetarian food and follow your dieticians’ advice.

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