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Could you Really Avoid Diabetes with Ceylon Cinnamon?

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Avoiding Diabetes with Ceylon Cinnamon


Diabetes is an increasingly harmful burden on much of the world’s population. From Mauritius to Micronesia, the worldwide epidemic of rising diabetes rates is something the WHO organisation has continually warned will have huge consequences for the future of the planet. The idea that you could avoid diabetes with Ceylon Cinnamon is therefore a welcome solution worth exploring. So let’s do it!


What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder characterised by high blood pressure (hyperglycaemia). It occurs when the body is unable to regulate glucose levels leading to excess amounts in the blood that can seriously damage vital organs such as the heart and kidney.

While glucose is necessary for the body’s natural processes, it requires insulin to effectively make its way into cells without becoming clogged in the bloodstream.

People with Type 2 diabetes are not unable to produce enough insulin to regulate their levels and are therefore at higher risk of organ failure. And those with Type 1 diabetes can’t make any insulin at all, leaving them highly susceptible to the consequences.


Anti-diabetic qualities of Ceylon Cinnamon

Ceylon Cinnamon is basically a way to increase the effectiveness of insulin in your body, and improve the way your body transfers glucose into cells, reducing the amount that gets clogged in your bloodstream.

As insulin sensitivity is a challenge for those with Type 2 diabetes, Ceylon Cinnamon is clearly a valuable ingredient that can help with the fight. Or, if you’re just worried about your general sugar levels, this might be the superfood for you.

While more targeted testing needs to be carried out to confirm the effect of this ingredient on the body, claims have been backed up by initial studies that show Ceylon Cinnamon could naturally reduce blood sugar levels.

In one study, the effects of Cinnamon on seven men showed an immediate increase in insulin sensitivity, with the effect lasting around 12 hours!


Types of cinnamon

It’s not just any old cinnamon that can be used to combat or prevent diabetes. The kind we commonly use in various home recipes is most likely Cassia Cinnamon, also known as Chinese Cinnamon. While this is a delicious and amazing ingredient in itself, if you are trying to tackle your blood sugar levels you need to get your hands on Ceylon Cinnamon – a slightly harder to find product.

If you’re swayed by this article, make sure you purchase the correct type and search online specifically for Ceylon Cinnamon.


Added benefits

Ceylon cinnamon is one of the most antioxidant-packed foods in the world. Playing a vital part in fighting against free radicals, antioxidants are vital in removing unwanted elements from the body and slowing down the ageing process.

Anti-inflammatory benefits have also been linked with Ceylon Cinnamon consumption, reducing pain and swelling in those with conditions such as arthritis.


Taking Ceylon Cinnamon

Ceylon Cinnamon can be used in the same recipes as its close cousin Cassia Cinnamon. It’s just as delicious, but comes with all the added health benefits it is famous for.  A simple winner is a honey and Cinnamon drink combo that tastes great and leaves you feeling amazing.

If you’re convinced by this post, you won’t find it hard to include Ceylon Cinnamon in your diet with various delicious recipes due its unique and versatile flavour.

And, if you want an added boost to your health this year, try mixing it up with other powerful superfoods such as Turmeric.

Ceylon Cinnamon

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