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Cooking with Spirulina

cooking with spirulina

There are so many healthy reasons to introduce the superfood Spirulina to your daily diet and cooking routine.

Spirulina - which comes from a naturally-occurring algae - boasts protein, iron, amino acids, and antioxidants like beta-carotene.

A whole range of easy and delicious recipes make it simple to cook with Spirulina in its powder form.

You can add it to sauces, puddings, soups, hummus, pasta dough, ice cream or even baking recipes.

It's 100% vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free, which makes it an easy and nutritious addition to any food regime.


How to prepare Spirulina

If you’re not sure how to eat and cook with Spirulina, there’s plenty of information out there to help.

Its distinctive flavour and colour can seem intimidating at first, but there are many great taste combinations that work well with this energy-boosting superfood.

Making smoothies with Spirulina powder is particularly popular.



For a healthy start to the day, try blending a cup of milk (ideally something like almond, coconut or hemp seed milk) with a cup of fresh or frozen mixed berries, a banana, two teaspoons of Spirulina and an optional dose of honey, maple syrup or stevia to sweeten it.

Spirulina can also be added to juices, sauces, soups, hummus, guacamole, dressings, pasta dough, energy bars, puddings and ice creams.

When using it in hot sauces and soups, it's best to add the spirulina powder at the end of the cooking process, to protect the heat-sensitive nutrients.

You can also try enhancing your popcorn seasoning for a delicious healthy snack.

Simply combine sea salt and spirulina powder or throw in some stronger flavours like chilli powder, parmesan cheese or garlic powder.

Make an extra batch of your special spirulina seasoning mix and then sprinkle it on vegetables, salads or toast.



Can you bake with Spirulina?

The good news is Spirulina also works well in baking recipes like cookies, cakes and pies.

Your snack might look unusually green but you'll feel great knowing that it's plant-powered and healthy!

Combine Spirulina powder with your favourite traditional cookie ingredients - like oatmeal, cinnamon, raisins and peanut butter or other superfoods like chia seeds or goji berries – to make a tasty treat.

If cooking with Spirulina is not an option for you, it also comes in capsule form to help make it an easy, fast and convenient addition to your daily routine.

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