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Spirulina - "The Ultimate Superfood"

At Superfood World, we believe protein-packed Spirulina - one of the most nutrient-dense foods on earth - is the ultimate healing superfood to make you look and feel incredible.

This ancient, blue-green algae, with its multiple astonishing health benefits, is easy to incorporate into your life. 

Simply take Spirulina tablets with water or use convenient Spirulina powder in smoothies, soups and all your cooking.

Keep reading to find out more about the many health and wellbeing benefits of low-fat, low-sodium Spirulina, which include helping you to lose weight, boosting your energy and even reducing blood pressure.



What makes Spirulina so super?

An incredible range of nutrients including:

Huge amounts of protein, all eight essential amino acids, 10 of the 12 non-essential amino acids, powerful antioxidants, minerals such as iron, manganese and sodium, and more than a dozen vitamins.


dried spirulina seaweed


Become the ultimate you: 10 ways Spirulina could help

Our Spirulina tablets and Spirulina powder could help you to:

Feel great about losing weight (Spirulina can reduce hunger cravings because it’s packed with filling protein, it can aid fat-burning exercise and it can accelerate the metabolism)

    Feel secure you’re guarding against ageing and diseases like cancer (its antioxidants attack free radicals in the body)

      Try and ward off the debilitating effects of allergy symptoms such as nasal congestion (with Spirulina’s anti-inflammatory properties

        Reduce your chances of picking up an illness (Spirulina can boost the immune system and encourage the production of white blood cells, which can kill viruses and germs)

          Prevent uncomfortable problems with digestion (Spirulina creates beneficial flora in the digestive tract)

            Enjoy healthier, better-looking skin and hair (it helps to keep you hydrated and free of toxins)

              Improve muscle strength and endurance when you exercise

                Reduce your blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels (studies suggest it could help with all these problems)

                  Become one of the many users of Spirulina to talk about “soaring with energy”, “feeling so amazing”, “feeling healthier”, “finding it a great tonic”

                    Enjoy many more of Spirulina’s reported benefits


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                      A brief history of Spirulina

                      Spirulina is believed to have been around for billions of years.

                      In the 16th Century, the Aztecs began to benefit from Spirulina by making “tecuitatl” cakes from the dried algae.

                      It has been similarly cultivated and made into “dihe” cakes by the Kanembu people of Chad, in northern Central Africa, for hundreds of years.

                      It was not until the 20th Century that Spirulina became more widely known.

                      It’s now hailed as a superfood by organisations including Nasa - which has researched its nutritional benefits for astronauts - as well as the United Nations.


                      How we cultivate our pure, high-quality Spirulina


                      At Superfood World, we understand how important it is to source clean Spirulina from reputable growers.

                      Spirulina can absorb contamination where it’s growing naturally or where it’s being commercially produced.

                      Our certified organic, pure Spirulina is grown far from urban areas in conditions that are essential to cultivate the highest-quality algae.

                      Surrounded by natural forests, our carefully chosen Spirulina farm basks in long hours of sunshine and consistent warm temperatures.

                      We harvest our Spirulina in three simple steps: we wash it by hand, gently dry it out and then mill it into a fine powder.


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                      Spirulina tablets or Spirulina powder: How do I choose?


                      Spirulina tablets and Spirulina powder are both simple ways to enjoy the many benefits of this ancient superfood.

                      Take your Spirulina tablets with water just before meals.

                      You can easily add Spirulina powder to smoothies, sauces, puddings, soups, hummus, pasta dough, ice cream or even baking recipes. For more, check out our blog post Cooking With Spirulina.