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How Ceylon Cinnamon Could Help You Lose Weight

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how ceylon cinnamon could help you lose weight

According to recent studies, Ceylon Cinnamon doesn’t just add flavour to our favourite healthy breakfasts, desserts and snacks – this tasty spice can actually make them even healthier, helping to naturally boost weight loss.

But could Ceylon Cinnamon really help you lose weight? How can a simple superfood kick-start your metabolism? And how should you make the most of this health-boosting spice?

What is Ceylon Cinnamon?

Ceylon Cinnamon has long been prized for its delicious fragrance, taste and health benefits, with the spice once being more valuable than gold. While it might not cost you a fortune any more, this spice is still incredibly valuable for your health. As a natural antibiotic, antifungal, antimicrobial and antiviral agent, Ceylon Cinnamon can naturally ward off infections and viruses.


Sourced from the fragrant bark of cinnamon trees, cinnamon is available in two varieties: Ceylon and Cassia. Originating from Sri Lanka, India, Madagascar and Brazil, Ceylon has a subtler flavour than Cassia, meaning it’s delicious in delicate desserts. On top of this, Ceylon also contains far less of the potentially harmful chemical coumarin, making it a great option for enjoying everyday.

Cinnamon and weight loss

If you’re looking to lose weight, Ceylon Cinnamon might be your new best friend. According to researchers, cinnamaldehyde – the compound that gives cinnamon its delicious flavour – may also be responsible for its fat burning potential.

The study, published in the journal Metabolism: Clinical and Experimental, saw researchers take fat cells from mice and human volunteers who had undergone liposuction. The objective of the study was to see whether cinnamaldehyde would have an effect on these cells, and the results were fascinating. In those cells treated with the compound, there was greater expression of genes and production of proteins that help with fat burning and lipid metabolism. This suggests that cinnamon might help fat cells burn energy, thus speeding up the process of weight loss.

These results seem to be supported by a systematic review published in the Annal of Family Medicine. Based on results from 10 clinical trials, the review concluded that eating cinnamon was linked to lower cholesterol, fasting blood sugar, and triglyceride levels in people with Type 2 diabetes.

While more studies need to be carried out on humans, the results do suggest that Cinnamon can actively promote your metabolism, making it an invaluable ingredient for those looking to maintain a healthy weight.

Using Ceylon Cinnamon for weight loss

Ceylon Cinnamon is a favourite among those looking to lose weight thanks to its naturally sweet taste. Fragrant and subtly spicy, this superfood spice is a great addition to all kind of sweet treats, reducing the need for sugar and satisfying any cravings for sweet foods.

When it comes to incorporating Ceylon Cinnamon into your daily diet, it couldn’t be easier. Why not try adding some to your porridge, yoghurt, smoothies or coffee? Or for a truly nutritious hot drink, try incorporating Ginger and Cinnamon Tea into your bedtime routine.

However you decide to add this spice to your life, just remember to look out for Ceylon Cinnamon – its sweet flavour and incredible nutritional profile make it a great choice for enjoying everyday.


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  • stacy on

    I have been using Ceylon cinnamon for year. I make drink of water, 1/4 cup pineapple juice and a tablespoon of ceylon Cinnamon in a 32 oz bottle / shake very well. and sip all morning. love it.

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