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When is the Best Time to Take Ashwagandha?

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Superfood_AshwagandhaAdding a powerful superfood like Ashwagandha to your supplement regimen is the first step to better health. The second step is figuring out the best time to take it. Amazingly, studies have suggested that the time of the day you take Ashwagandha has a big effect on how well it works.

To help you create your perfect supplement routine, let’s explore the best time to take this amazing superfood.

Why timing is everything

If you’ve been prescribed a medicine in the past, you’ll no doubt have had to take it at a particular time and frequency. But why does it matter? It’s important that we take certain medicines and supplements with or after food, because having a full stomach reduces the chances of irritation and side effects, whilst helping absorb the medicine into the bloodstream.

Similarly, researchers have found that the best time to take many drugs is just before bed.

If you correctly time the dosage of medicines and supplements, you increase the chance of success and decrease the chance of unfortunate side effects.

Similar rules apply to Ashwagandha, though the exact details depend on what you hope to gain from the supplement. Here we look at some of the main things to consider if you want to plan a successful supplement regimen.

Discover more about the origin, science and incredible health benefits behind Ashwagandha.

Ashwagandha for sleep

Ashwagandha supports healthy sleep by rejuvenating the body and tackling stress-related exhaustion. In fact, its scientiric name, ‘somnifera’,  comes from the Latin for ‘sleep inducer’.

Insomnia often occurs when the body produces too of the stress hormone cortisol before we sleep. Therefore, taking Ashwagandha in the evening before bed can reduce the production of this cortisol, and allow your body to better prepare for sleep.

Looking for a sleepy bedtime drink? Try adding a spoonful of Ashwagandha and honey to warm coconut milk for a tasty night time treat that’ll help you drift off.

Ashwagandha for energy

The unique benefit of Ashwagandha is that it boosts both relaxation and energy levels. Where a dose of the supplement before bed helps you doze off, taking it before or after a workout can help boost muscle strength, endurance, stamina, recovery and overall athletic performance.

To make the most of these incredible benefits, simply add Ashwagandha powder to your daily pre - or post workout smoothie.

How to take Ashwagandha

The time of day you take Ashwagandha has a profound effect on how well it works. But making sure you take a regular dose of top quality organic Ashwagandha is a whole lot more important than when you take it.

Luckily, that couldn’t be easier. Ashwagandha is available as either a pill or powder, meaning you can add it to your supplement regimen, or incorporate it into your favourite healthy recipes.

Read here to discover even more incredible health benefits of amazing Ashwagandha.


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