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How to select the Best Superfood Powder

A superfood powder is a combination of several organic foods and nutrients combined in a powdered form. Regarding calories and nourishment, green superfood powder is in a league of its own and has no rivals. Superfoods offer a great way of getting proteins, minerals, and vitamins, and are quickly absorbed by the body. Compared to other non-veg food items, superfoods digest quickly and provide equal or in some cases, more nourishment. There is a large variety of superfood powders available in the market today to satisfy all tastes and dietary requirements.

Benefits of Superfood Powders

There is good reason why they are known as superfoods. Firstly, they are the real deal when it comes to protein and nutrients, providing excellent health benefits. Since they are mostly made from vegetarian sources, they are suitable for almost everyone to consume and have little to no side effects.

Why are Spirulina, Chlorella And Turmeric considered Superfood Powders?

The fact that all three of these are highly rich in protein and vitamins has made researchers and physicians label them ‘superfoods’. Spirulina is a blue-green colored algae that is rich in protein. It contains all types of amino acids that form complex proteins your body needs. Eating this superfood will also provide you large chunks of your recommended daily vitamins, especially B12.

Chlorella is another kind of superfood, and an algae from the same family as Spirulina. It is also very rich in amino acids, minerals, carbohydrates, vitamins and enzymes. In fact, chlorella is considered one of the most complete foods in the world.

Turmeric is another superfood that has no side effects, whose health benefits have just started to emerge. Using turmeric can give you several benefits since it is antioxidant, wound healer, anti-malarial and anti-parasitic. 

Why is Switching Between Superfoods Beneficial?

Since different superfood powders provide different benefits, switching between can be good for your health. It also helps maintain the right balance between your diets.

The Importance of Being Organic Certified

Choosing the best green superfood powder can be difficult as there are many of them available, from thousands of vendors.

Before choosing one, make sure that it contains the necessary ingredients that you want. Also, always buy a superfood that is organically certified and considered as safe, as there is always potential for contamination of superfood powders, especially if they are not from a reputable, certified trader. Additionally, check if it is a phytonutrient and nutrient so that you don’t end up consuming food your body doesn’t require.

Consult Your Dietician

You should always consult your dietician before starting a diet, to get advice on the best superfood powder for you. The dietician will examine your nutrition routine and suggest the superfoods that can provide you the right benefits.

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