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How to Detox Your Body: 3 Easy Steps

Would you like to boost your energy levels, enjoy a healthy glow to your skin and lose some weight at the same time?

Doing a regular “detox” has becoming increasingly popular with people who want to stay healthy by cleansing the body of harmful substances from the inside.

You can easily help your body to rid itself of toxins that come from the environment, pollution or processed foods and drinks.

With a detox body plan, you can give your hard-working organs, such as the liver and kidneys, a rest. 

At the same time, you can replenish your system with lots of healthy nutrients that can be beneficial for your energy levels, your skin and weight loss. 

There are a host of different detox diets to choose from. They range from short-term plans like 24-hour juice fasting, to diets that last for a week to 10 days, through to longer-term changes such as introducing naturally detoxifying foods into your daily cooking plans.

Always think carefully about what's safe and right for your body and your circumstances. 

Which detox diets are popular?

Smoothie cleanse

There are many ways to detox with smoothies. It's popular to follow a “green smoothie” detox programme, which involves green leafy vegetables, fruits and water. We highly recommend adding Spirulina, a natural algae that's high in protein and antioxidants.

The “Master Cleanse”

This 10-day regime includes drinking 6-12 glasses of a “lemonade” containing maple syrup, water, cayenne pepper and lemon juice a day, plus either a herbal laxative or saltwater flush. For a saltwater flush, drink real sea salt dissolved in water to help bring on a bowel movement that can help to cleanse your colon and your digestive system.

DIY juice cleanse

Healthy homemade juices replace meals for three to seven days, sometimes supplemented by light snacks.

3 easy steps to detox your body

There are ways to help cleanse your system without following a strictly prescribed detox diet. 

Here are three easy steps to begin to detox your body at home:

Easy peasy lemon squeezy 

Lemon juice is one of the stars of the body detox world. Start the morning with the juice of half a lemon squeezed into a glass of warm water. It's rehydrating, has enzymes that aid digestion and flushes toxins out of your body.

Beat the sugar rush

Reduce the amount of sugar in your diet. It causes slumps in energy, it’s bad for your skin and waistline, and processing it asks a lot of your body.

Feel the plant power 

Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, including lots of dark green vegetables, which are nutritious and low in calories so you can eat them in large volumes. Other naturally cleansing veggies include onions, garlic, beetroot, asparagus, carrots, cauliflower, radish and artichoke. Green tea, ginger and turmeric are also a great addition to your routine.

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