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How To Choose The Best Spirulina

Spirulina is a tiny fresh-water algae that packs a big punch on protein, nutrients and anti-oxidants. 

Studies show it can boost your immune system and support cardiovascular, brain, blood and skin health. It also wins accolades for its digestive and anti-inflammatory properties.

Spirulina can be used as a dietary supplement in tablet form or as a powder for use in cooking. It can even be turned into a paste and applied directly to your skin.

There are many places to source this superfood, but they are of varying quality. 

So how do you find the best Spirulina?

Best Spirulina powder and tablets

Spirulina can be harvested where it grows naturally in warm waters, and is also commercially produced under controlled conditions in many parts of the world.

When harvested correctly from non-contaminated bodies of water, it’s one of the most potent nutrient sources on the planet.

The most important factor when choosing the best Spirulina powder or tablets is knowing that the source is clean from pollutants or chemicals.

You want the goodness of Spirulina without worrying about other things it could have absorbed along the way.

The best Spirulina tablets and powders have been tested for contaminants and state the origin clearly on the label. If the information is unclear, don't buy it.

Environmental issues

Some Spirulina products are cultivated in areas that are affected by environmental or industrial pollution.

For example, there have been concerns that Spirulina grown in some parts of China has sometimes been contaminated with lead, mercury and arsenic.  

Please also remember that natural lakes have the potential to be affected by pollution and Spirulina will absorb these toxins so always check your source.


Best Spirulina supplement? Go organic

If your Spirulina supplement is certified organic, then you can be sure it's grown free from pesticides, chemical fertilisers or other chemicals. 

Going organic will alleviate any doubts about where your Spirulina supplement has come from.

It's also vital to choose a trusted, reputable brand of Spirulina  such as Superfood World that comes from a pure source.


You can buy Organic Spirulina here

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