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Chlorella benefits for weight loss

Everybody knows that in order to lose weight you need to eat healthier and exercise regularly. Most people also know that those changes aren’t always easy, especially because of the busy modern lifestyle. Today's world of pollution, high-stress and excess cortisol puts everyone at risk for weight gain.

The reasons for the increase in people with weight related issues are varied. In most cases, a diet with lots of refined foods with low nutritional value is the main cause of weight gain and even obesity.

We really struggle to find the time to take care of ourselves the way we should.

Even if we manage to find time to do some exercise, all sports in the world will not help when bad eating habits persist.

If you’ve put on some extra pounds but don’t relish a starvation diet, then one of the tiniest organisms on Earth may be able to help you out. As more people from all corners of the world discover each day, the single-celled fresh-water algae supplement known as chlorella is proving itself to be a precious whole-food dietary supplement.

Chlorella is among the most ancient life forms on the earth and is virtually unchanged in over 2 billion years of existence.  Its popularity has increased substantially recently and with good reason. Chlorella is an excellent source of many important nutrients such as protein, beta carotene, and the nucleic acids (RNA and DNA). It also contains more chlorophyll than any other food.

Looking for help with weight loss?  Look no further than chlorella, here are chlorella’s main benefits for weight loss.


Reduces cravings

Taking chlorella for weight loss is effective firstly because of their very high nutrient content. Chlorella’s essential nutrients can reverse many degenerative disease processes by correcting and balancing nutritional deficits to restore optimal cellular and tissue function.

In cases of overweight and obese people, malnutrition is usually a factor and supplying complete nutrition relieves the intense food cravings. When Chlorella is consumed on a regular basis the body will less and less crave irregular food intake and the hunger cycle will improve over time, decreasing the consumption of refined foods.

Chlorella has a high concentration of gamma linolenic acid (GLA), the important fatty acid that is often deficient due to modern dietary imbalances. GLA has a specific effect on the endocrine system, helping restore hormone health and normalise insulin activity, so blood sugar levels stabilise and cravings reduce.


Regulates digestive system

Chlorella has a beneficial effect on the digestive system.

Problems associated with obesity and overweight are usually linked to the accumulation of adverse chemicals in the digestive system.

Chlorella promotes the production of healthy flora, bacteria and probiotics throughout the digestive system. This is essential for good digestion and overall health.

Chlorella is rich in fiber and encourages beneficial intestinal microflora production, which can result in increased feelings of fullness at meal times, and better food elimination. It makes the digestive system highly efficient and facilitates the disposal of waste by removing harmful substances from the body. This makes it easier for the body to effectively maintain weight.


Block the production of fat cells

There’s a Korean study showing that adding chlorella to your diet can block the production of fat cells and even shrink already existing ones.  

The research has found that chlorella can actually make fat cells drop dead, while leaving other cells untouched. It can shrink fat cells too by decreasing the amount of fat held within them. This is important because baby fat cells readily mature and become active fat-storing cells when a person eats too much. 

A research team in Kyoto Japan has also found that chlorella promotes weight loss by controlling gene expression to produce reductions in body fat percentages, fasting glucose levels, and total circulating cholesterol.

No wonder chlorella is becoming popular as a component of diet programs or as a strategic tool towards weight loss.


Low in calories

Chlorella is super low in calories but it's a complete food nutritionally. As a rich source of vitamins, chlorella helps to stimulate red blood cell production and arterial dilation, which can help with muscle growth, the oxygenation of muscle tissue, and improved metabolism and respiration. For these reasons chlorella is sometimes used in muscle-building and weight loss nutritional supplements.

Another reason for taking chlorella for weight loss is its high iodine content. This makes chlorella valuable in treating thyroid imbalances, often an issue in weight problems. 

One of the best ways to use chlorella is in the form of tablets. Just chew them up at the end of meals and it will reduce the desire to eat sweets later.  Tablets also go well at other times of the day to quell blood sugar rushes and the associated cravings.

Chlorella is also available in the powder form to be mixed with water and make delicious drinks and smoothies.

Keep in mind that chlorella alone is not a way to manage weight or cure this syndrome, but it may be a valuable part of a complete treatment plan. 

The secret is to make sure your body is receiving nutrients from powerful raw foods and its nutritional needs are being met, so that it does not constantly cry out for unhealthy food.

Research the brand you choose carefully because some types of chlorella harvested may be contaminated by bacteria, liver poisons and heavy metals. Look for products that note they've been tested and declared free of toxins.

You can buy chlorella here.

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