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Spirulina Coconut Bites Recipe

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Spirulina Coconut Bites
These energy bites take just ten minutes to whip up and can be served immediately, or refrigerated for up to five days. Best of all, with the recipe below creating 24 of the the treasured energy fixes, you can take these compact nibbles out with you and give your body a healthy pick-me-up whenever necessary.


Serves:  24

Preparation Time: 10 minutes

  • 20 Pitted Medjool Dates
  • 425g of Walnut Pieces
  • 120g of Hemp Seeds
  • 300g of Unsweetned Coconut Flakes (if you can divide this into two servings of 150g each, it will save you time later!)
  • 1 tsp of Organic Superfood World Spirulina Powder


  1. Drop your dates, walnut pieces, hemp seeds, Organic Superfood World Spirulina Powder and 150g of your coconut flakes into a food processor.
  2. Set the ingredients to mix for around 2 minutes, by which point they should start to form a sticky ball. Remove at this point.
  3. Separate the full mixture into 24 small balls (or make them larger if preferred) and roll them in your remaining coconut flakes as a coating.

Nutrients Per Serving

Calories 192,Carbohydrates 19.9, Fibre 15.1g, Sugar 14.8g, Fat 17.1g (of which saturated 7.9g), Protein 12.1g, Sodium 1.7mg

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