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Chia, Raspberry Pudding with Maca and Cacao Recipe

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Chia, Raspberry Pudding with Maca and Cacao Recipe

This unique recipe will require a bit of patience. Even though you don't cook the ingredients, in order to become thick, you will have to wait for chia seeds to expand. But it's worth the wait with this bowl of pure pleasure packed with super healthy ingredients! Ingredients: Servings: 2 Preparation Time: 5 minutes 65g raspberries 1tbsp Superfood World Organic Cacao Powder 1tbsp Superfood World Organic Maca Powder 1tsp Superfood World Organic Cacao Nibs 1tbsp raw honey 1tsp lemon zest 1tsp chia seeds 240ml almond milk Instructions: Simply place all the ingredients except the berries in a glass jar. Stir well and...

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