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Jordan Food Distribution & Disability Project Update

Superfood World Food Distribution Jordon Syrian Refugees
Team Superfood World travelled to Jordon in November 2017 to visit Medical Relief International (MRI) projects first hand.  Superfood World donates 25% of its profits to support the vital work carried out by MRI in support of the growing refugee crisis in this part of the world. 
We visited Syrian refugee families in north Jordon who are supported by the Medical Relief International Centre for Women and the Disabled. We helped distribute food packs and provide vital aid to poor families who have been affected by conflict and persecution.
Outside the hustle and bustle of the streets of Amman, just over an hours drive from where team MRI was based we quickly entered another world of refugees fleeing war and persecution and stories of survival.
The photo above shows elderly refugees from Syria living on the basic condition. Team MRI helps support these refugees with monthly food distribution.
Whilst at the Centre for Women and the Disabled we helped distribute 2 braille Computers as well as braille children's books that were kindly donated by the Royal National Institute of Blind People RNIB.
Braille computers MRI RNIB Superfood World Charity

In the picture` below you can see Randa learning to read Braille in English and translating it to little Ayesha who was very excited to learn and feel Braille for the first time.

Superfood World Braille Books MRI RNIB

Together with Team MRI we visited the house of Hamida who is originally from Syria.  She moved to Jordon 4 years ago after her husband was killed.  Whilst taking shelter in Zataari Refugee Camp with her family, her tent caught fire tragically killing 5 of her 6 children.

Hamida's Story Supefood World Supporting MRI

Only one boy, Mohammed, 13 yrs old, was saved as he was out at the time. She has no income and the only food is what she receives from MRI. Her house has no electricity, no gas, no fridge, no cooker or even a heater to keep warm.

She lives in the abandoned factory she calls home with her only surviving son, Muhammad who dreams of owning a computer so he can study and take his mother out of poverty. This was the situation when we visited her a few weeks ago.

Thanks to the MRI team in Jordan Hamida is now getting the support she needs to help her and help her son's education by providing them with food and water and schooling equipment.

Hamida was provided with a cooker, heater, fridge, some utensils and furniture.  It was heart warming to see Hamida smile for the first time since the tragic loss of her family.

Hamida Smiling 

We wanted to help her son Muhammad before we left Jordan and purchased him a new laptop and arranged for him to have classes to help him with his education.

We hope to continue to follow Muhammad's progress going forward with is education.

You can see your support helps make a real difference to peoples lives across the globe.  We would like to thank all our Superfood World customers for their continued support so that together we can help make a difference!

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