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November Donation Update - You Helped us Raise The First £1000

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Superfood World House

We would like to thank all our Superfood World customers and fans for helping us raise the first £1,000 for Medical Relief International (MRI) charity.  It was our founding pledge when setting up Superfood World to donate 25% of our profits to support charitable projects.  Our aim was to raise the first £1,000 to help build a house for a poor family as part of the MRI Sustainable Housing Project in Sri Lanka.

Thanks to your help we have reached this first milestone and would like to take you on the journey as this house is built so you can see how your purchases make such a difference to the lives of those less fortunate!  We are aiming to start construction on the house in early 2018 dependent on weather and local conditions. 

The picture above shows one of the many houses built by Medical Relief International in Sri Lanka. The families that benefits from these houses often live in very basic living conditions like the girl shown below and a purpose built brick house makes an immense improvement in their standard of living, dignity, privacy and protections from the elements.

You can follow our official partner charity Medical Relief International on Facebook here:

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