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Thanks to Our Customers who have Helped Fund Cataract Eye Operations through our 25% Donation Profit Pledge

We would like to say a big thank you to all our customers who have helped provide over £3,000 to sponsor cataract operations through our 25% profit donation pledge at Superfood World.  This photo is of Shoaib who is 5 years old and lives in Karachi, Pakistan. He was playing in the street when he was injured by flying debris and was initially treated by a local doctor for a bruised eye.

However, after several months he began to lose vision in left eye and required a cataract operation to help restore his sight.  Superfood World helped sponsored his cataract surgery through our partner charity, Medical Relief International (MRI).  You can see the happiness in his face after his sight has been restored.

Shoaib before with Injured left eye
Shoaib after left eye cataract surgery
Each Superfood World product purchased helps support children like Shoaib through our 25% profit donation pledge who otherwise would find it difficult access much needed medical care which we often taken for granted.  Thank you to all our customers!
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